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Layar Augments De Tegel 2011’s “Newspaper of the Future”

Chris Cameron April 16, 2012

Click here to read the Dutch press release!

Layar is very proud to be a part of the 2011 De Tegel journalism awards. Each year the event honors various achievements in journalism - it’s basically the Dutch version of the Pulitzer Prize.

This year, De Tegel is using a unique, new newspaper design to announce the winners, and they’ve given it a digital twist with Layar.

Today in The Hague, De Tegel holds its annual awards event, where the new paper design, filled with info about the winners and nominees, will be passed out to attendees. The paper was specially designed with tabs, an invention by Koos Staal (Staal & Duiker) and Matin van Ee (BDU). The new design aims to be easier to handle and read while remaining attractive to advertisers.

Each nominee has a photo and description which have been augmented with digital content. Readers can scan the images to view videos, hear more information or read the nominated works.

Have a look at the example pages after the jump and scan them with Layar to check out the project!

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Carice van Houten and WWF Help the Earth with Layar

Chris Cameron April 12, 2012

Click here to read the Dutch press release!

Layar has teamed up with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF, or WNF here in the Netherlands) to help promote their campaign raising awareness about the environment.

And there’s a special celebrity guest helping us out: Carice van Houten, a Dutch actress known for her role as Melisandre in the hit television series Game of Thrones.

Thanks to our friends at Boomerang, special postcards are being distributed throughout the Netherlands featuring the famous WWF panda bear logo. If you scan the cards with Layar, a 3D Earth appears!

WWF is asking you to have some fun with their card! Scan the postcard and take a screenshot of the globe in a unique or funny way. You can see Carice’s example to get you started! Submit the photo to WNF and you could win a healthy, sustainable dinner for 2!

Check out the video below featuring Carice for more info! Good luck!


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Senefelder Misset Chooses Layar for Augmented Reality Service

Chris Cameron April 1, 2012

Click here to view the Dutch press release.

Renowned Dutch printer Senefelder Misset has partnered with Layar to make an interactive edition of the well-known comic strip, Eppo.

Now readers of the popular strip, which collects many of the Netherlands’ most popular strips into one publication, can interact with the comics in new ways using augmented reality. With Layar, readers can scan the pages to view bonus materials, including original sketches of the comics, as well as video extras that help bring the pages to life.

“With the advent of digitization, publishers have provided their advertisers with measurable responses to their campaigns,” said Erik Ernens, Commercial Director of Senefelder Misset. “Until now, the publishers have not been able to add direct response capabilities to the printed page. But with new innovative technologies like Layar, the printed magazine can come alive with direct responses and achieve conversion.”

“Eppo is proud to be the first comic in the Netherlands in which Layar could be applied,” said Rob van Bavel, publisher of the Don Lawrence Collection. “Eppo offers readers additional information, additional videos, sketches of different strips, the ability to “Like” the Facebook fan-pages and the direct purchase of comics and merchandising in the shop. All in all, a great opportunity to add value to the printed edition!”

Try the sample page after the jump to see how it works, and watch for the latest issue of Eppo which goes on sale this week!

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