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Layar’s First Whitepaper: Conversion and Click-Throughs for Print

Chris Cameron May 23, 2012

The following blogpost is from Claire Boonstra, co-founder and head of BizDev at Layar.

Recently, Layar has set its focus squarely on making print interactive with digital content by activating the pages of magazines, newspapers, flyers and posters with videos, links to websites and the ability to share to social networks.

In case you are not yet familiar with the possibilities of interactive print, have a look at some of our recent campaigns with VPRO, LINDA., What’s Next and vtwonen.

Interactive print creates a new business opportunity for organizations that use the paper medium, such as publishers, advertisers, and brands with their own catalogues. As these organizations define the business case for interactive print, a new demand for detailed metrics is emerging.

We have crafted a whitepaper, titled Layar shows significant reach, conversion and click-through rates from paper to digital content. In it we include the key metrics defining the market potential for interactive paper, gathered from both external research agencies and our own internal metrics.

We provide figures for how many people are…

  • able to use Layar - The number of people who have a smartphone capable of running Layar.
  • using Layar now - The number of people who have installed and use Layar.
  • using Layar with print - The number of people using Layar to view content on a print publication, or as we’re calling it, “conversion.”
  • using Layar to click through - The number of people clicking through to the digital content from the paper, also known as “click-through rate” or “CTR.”

Highlights of our research include:

  • Depending on the region, 8% - 38% of the global population currently owns a smartphone capable of running Layar. This is expected to grow to as high as 60% by 2016.
  • The Layar application leads the market with over 20 million installations and between 2 and 3 million users who open the application each month (active users). Other AR apps see lower penetration figures on both Android and iPhone platforms.
  • Magazine and newspaper campaigns see roughly 1% of total readers interacting with digital content via Layar.
  • Of all digital content displayed in print, roughly 20% are clicked through to the underlying action (e.g., video, web-shop, mobile site, Facebook page, etc.).

To learn more, download the full report and dive into the numbers!

There aren’t a lot of publicly available statistics on the use of mobile augmented reality, let alone its use with interactive print. There has been a lot of hype around the subject and it’s time to just talk numbers.

With this document, we are aiming to kick-start a discussion about metrics and results achieved both with AR and with interactive print. We would love to hear your questions and remarks, so please leave us a comment below!


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New “VPRO Gids” is Activated with Layar

Chris Cameron May 21, 2012

Dutch public broadcasting organization VPRO is teaming up with Layar to enhance its magazine for the next year. The new “VPRO Gids,” or VPRO Guide, is available today and comes with its pages activated with digital content by Layar. 

VPRO is looking forward to a year-long campaign experimenting with Layar to make the pages of their guide interactive. In this issue, readers can find over 60 digital extras in the pages, including videos, interviews and special contests.

The guide also includes a special supplement to the VPRO Books Festival, including an interview with author John Irving and a sneak preview of the upcoming Tegenlicht (Backlight) - VPRO’s weekly, 50-minute “Future Affairs” program.

“Backlight focuses on the globalized world in which societies, economies and cultures seek a new equilibrium,” says VPRO. “It aims to grasp the quintessence of prominent trends and developments.” 

One of the most striking things about the VPRO Guide is its cover. The entire cover of the guide serves as instructions for how to use Layar with the magazine. It was hand drawn, and below you can watch a video which shows the process of it’s creation!

We’re thrilled by all the great augments found in the VPRO Gids, and we look forward to what VPRO can come up with over the next year! Check out the video below about the creation of the cover and try some of the sample pages after the jump! 

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LINDA. is Back Again!

Chris Cameron May 16, 2012

What? LINDA. again?

Yes, that’s right, LINDA. magazine and Layar have come together again to augment the popular Dutch women’s magazine. This marks the third time LINDA. has used Layar in its magazine.

Not too long ago, we first introduced our partnership with LINDA. to activate the pages of its print magazine with augmented digital content. Videos, graphics, links to web-shops, social media integration - you name it, it was there! And again just recently, LINDA. was back at it again with its annual L’HOMO issue - using Layar to add interactivity to print.

Now, this May’s issue of LINDA. has even more digital enhancement with Layar. So maybe you’ve noticed a trend.

Hmmm… LINDA. seems to be using Layar in every new issue! 

That’s exactly right. The wonderful people at LINDA. have completely integrated Layar into their editorial and publication processes. Now when designing, creating and arranging content for the printed page, LINDA. is also simultaneously considering what digital content they can use to accompany it.

In this issue, LINDA. is helping women slim down into shape just in time for summer and those skimpy bikinis. All sorts of products advertised in the magazine are instantly purchasable with “Buy now!” buttons, and features on women getting into shape have extra images attached to them.

Now that LINDA. is using Layar in every new issue, we’re very excited to see what kind of stuff they come up with! There’s lots to see in this issue, over 50 pages have augments on them, so be sure to take a look!

You can check it all out in the latest issue, which is on newsstands today. Try scanning he example pages after the jump and have a look at the video below to see it in action.

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VIDEO: Talking AR & Print Media at MoCoAm

Chris Cameron May 11, 2012

Earlier this week, Layar CEO Raimo van der Klein spoke with Anita de Beijl of Sanoma Media’s vtwonen at Mobile Convention Amsterdam. The two shared statistics and insights from vtwonen’s recent campaign using Layar to augment the pages of its magalogue.

Embedded above is the entirety of this presentation, which was given in Dutch (sorry non Dutchies). Click here to learn more about the vtwonen project!

Thanks to MoCoAm for letting us record and post this presentation.


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Layar Founders at Two Conferences This Week

Chris Cameron May 7, 2012

Depending on where you live, if you’ve ever wanted to hear from the founders of Layar up close and in person, this week is a good chance to do just that! This week, both Maarten Lens-FitzGerald and Raimo van der Klein will be speaking at events in both Europe and North America.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week is the third annual Augmented Reality Event in Santa Clara, California. Maarten will be making his third appearance at the event, and will be presenting in the business track about the augmented reality market.

Maarten’s talk, dubbed “Where the Money Is,” will be an overview of lessons learned by Layar as we strive to make our technology ubiquitous, secure a strong hold in existing revenue streams and make money for ourselves.

“It is about what lies beyond today’s AR with geolocation, games, 3D campaigns, animation, etc.,” says Maarten about his talk.

You’ll also be able to watch a demo of a new product coming soon from Layar which aims to achieve these goals. The talk is at 10am on Tuesday, May 8th at ARE2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

As for Raimo, he’ll be much closer to home at Mobile Convention Amsterdam (MCA). After a highly successful sequel event last year with over 800 visitors, MCA is back again for the third time to bring together the best and brightest in the mobile world in Northern Europe.

On Tuesday, May 8th, Raimo will be speaking with Anita de Beijl, marketing manager for Sanoma Media’s vtwonen. You may remember our project with vtwonen not long ago in which they used Layar to enhance the pages of their magalogue with extra content and direct buy buttons.

Anita and Raimo will discuss the process of partnering up to create this project and the results of the experiment. You can see the discussion live tomorrow at 12:45pm in the Media & Publishing track at MCA.


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