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Designer Joline Jolink Connects Fashion with Layar

Chris Cameron May 1, 2012

Readers of Jackie magazine will find a nice addition to one of the magazine’s interviews in the current issue on newsstands today.

Dutch fashion designer Joline Jolink is profiled by Jackie in the magazine’s Style Files section, and she managed to include Layar alongside her interview. In her own words, here’s Joline’s take on how this collaboration came together.

“The magazine contacted me for the style page. I was immediately thrilled about the possibilities to use Layar on my images in magazines. They will make the step so much easier for women to explore my online store after seeing a publication,” she says.

“So, when Jackie asked for text and images, I offered them a picture of one of my favourite looks with the Layar logo in the corner.” 

The image Joline provided shows off her “summer must-have look,” and has been enhanced with Layar. Scanning the image shows a few simple buttons: one to Tweet about the look and another which links to Joline’s online shop to buy the items. It’s a really simple implementation, but it’s very effective for bringing readers of Jackie directly to a place where they can buy the items.


“I expected that Jackie would not recognize the icon or realize the wonderful extras it can bring to their readers, so I explained it to them up front,” adds Joline. “They then suggested to add a little info about Layar to the text under the picture.”

This is a perfect example of just how easy it can be to add engaging and deeply connected content to otherwise static print pages. Click through to see more photos of the Jackie magazine featuring Joline Jolink and Layar!

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