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Top Dutch Magazine Enhanced with Layar

Chris Cameron June 7, 2012

The latest issue of Veronica Magazine, the largest and most popular weekly magazine in the Netherlands, has been enhanced with Layar.

Veronica Magazine, a multi-faceted entertainment magazine, reaches over 2.3 million readers a week with a print run of around 720,000. The magazine is mainly a TV Guide-style entertainment guide with features and information about topics like fashion, film, sports, games, pop music, showbiz, the internet and, of course, television.

The latest release is a special double issue for the European Championships, and features a cover with Victoria Koblenko and Gregory van der Wiel, two Dutch celebrities. Readers now have access to extra content, videos and links by viewing the pages of the magazine with the Layar app.

The magazine was able to create the extra digital content themselves, using our new Layar Creator web app. 

“Veronica Magazine has always been the magazine with a surprising amount of extras, and now Layar adds an extra dimension,” says Rens Muller, Creative Director of Digital Content for Veronica Magazine.

See it all in the video above, and check out the magazine today and view the pages with Layar!

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