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Stiktu 2.0 Now Out and Available Worldwide

Chris Cameron June 12, 2012

Today we released the 2.0 version of Stiktu, our social AR app. With this release, for iPhone and Android, we’ve released Stiktu globally to everyone. Read our full press release and check out the video below! And download Stiktu today!

Layar, the world’s leading mobile augmented reality provider, today announced the global release of Stiktu - a free mobile application that allows users to remix the real world.

Stiktu is the social and user-generated equivalent of Layar, allowing users to add their own drawings, text, images and stickers to magazines, posters and more by simply scanning them with a smartphone. These creations can then be viewed by anyone who scans the same item. The social elements of Stiktu ensure that users can connect by discovering, liking, sharing and commenting on interesting posts.

“With Stiktu we really put the power of augmented reality in the hands of the people. I truly believe that this is the most innovative app currently available in any app store. Stiktu opens tremendous new possibilities to interact with the physical world around us. At Layar, we want to democratize space and Stiktu is the app to help us reach that mission.”
- Raimo van der Klein, co-founder of Layar.

In 2011, Layar began exploring new ways to liberate space and enable users to create their own augmented reality. Inspired by street art and other artistic and creative subcultures, Stiktu became a social network in which users can express themselves and view the creations of others.

In December of last year, Stiktu was released to a select group of European countries, providing the opportunity to gather user feedback about the features and usage of the application.

“Over the past months, we have been focused on improving the user experience, and we have learned a lot from our users about their use of Stiktu. With every release, we have seen the levels of engagement growing as users return on a daily basis to create posts and interact with others. These numbers and incoming requests for a global release by people all over the world helped us decide to take this step and open up Stiktu to the rest of the world.”
- Maurice Groenhart, Product manager of Stiktu.

As of today Stiktu is available worldwide for iPhone and Android.

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