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Discovery Magazine Debuts with Layar!

Chris Cameron June 26, 2012

Science lovers everywhere know the awesomeness that is the Discovery Channel. From Shark Week to Mythbusters and even super-tough reality shows like Deadliest Catch and American Chopper.

Now, in the Netherlands, Discovery is bringing it’s branded form of edu-tainment to the print world, with the launch of the first ever Discovery Magazine. And the best part? The magazine is using Layar to enhance the pages right from the start.

In stores now, you can pick up issue #001 of Discovery Magazine, including lots of great extra content and digital interactivity loaded into the pages with Layar.

Right from the get-go, Layar is featured prominently in the debut issue. The opening pages introducing the magazine to the world clearly spell out how viewing the pages with Layar can reveal great digital extras to the reader. Throughout the magazine, Layar logos make it very easy to tell which pages can be viewed for more content.

This kind of clear explanation is a key part of any print campaign with Layar. Publishers see far better results and interactions when readers are clearly informed of how and where to view the pages with Layar.

This issue features links, videos and other great content only available with Layar. There’s even a great advertorial for Hertog Jan beer which features an awesome behind-the-scenes vide which takes a look at their brewing process. 

The magazine will publish six times a year with a print run of 35,000. Check out our photo tour of the magazine above and be sure to pick up your own copy today!

Check out larger versions of the photos below!

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