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New, More Powerful Buttons in Layar Creator

Chris Cameron September 13, 2012

Here at Layar we’re constantly working toward making our products better and better, especially when we hear similar feature requests from the community. That’s exactly why we’ve got some great new features in the Creator to share today.

Based on popular feedback from users, we’ve added some new default buttons to the Creator and we’ve made it easier than ever to customize them. Here are the new features you’ll find in the Creator as of today:

“Like us on Facebook” button - Easily link up your print publication with your Facebook presence. Now readers can quickly “Like” your brand, products or anything else on Facebook.
“Follow us on Twitter” button - Encourage readers to get social and interact with you online. Just enter your brand’s Twitter username to enable fast following.
“Email us” button - One of the most frequently requested improvements from you, the Creator community. Now you can get instant feedback and messages from readers.
Custom colors! - Break free of the standard blue buttons. Mix things up and use any RGB color or one of our 10 presets.

These new buttons and options make using the Creator to engage with your audience much easier. Use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to link your print to your online social media pages and let readers easily get in touch with the Email button. With the color picker, you can customize your buttons to match your brand’s style, making readers feel right at home.

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