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Layar Goes Down Under with Aussie Real Estate Agency

Chris Cameron November 23, 2012

This week we stumbled onto this amazing demo video from Australia’s 4one4 Real Estate that the agency produced to promote its new interactive print campaign. It’s a great video of not only the agency’s own campaign, but also of the Layar app, how to download it and how to use it with interactive print.

We caught up with 4one4 Marketing Manager Patrick Berry to talk about the agency’s use of Layar with its print materials.

“We had been using QR codes for some time and always felt that they just looked too messy on our graphic artwork, so we set out to see what else was in the market place and through social media we came across Layar,” said Berry when asked what inspired 4one4 to use Layar.

According to Berry, 4one4 looked into using augmented reality, but didn’t get started until the Layar Creator was introduced. “About six months later I received a email from Layar explaining the Creator product and was quite excited to jump online and try it out,” said Berry.

“We had been using videos to promote properties for sale, however, there was never an easy way to allow a user to move from print media to our property videos,” he added. “When we discovered Layar we were excited because we knew we could use this technology on our print advertising and photo sign boards.”

When asked to describe using the Creator, Berry answered with just three words: “Quick, simple and easy.”

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