How to Add Dynamic HTML Content to Your Print

Chris Cameron December 18, 2012

Last week we introduced some brand new, powerful additions to the Layar Creator - the Twitter Feed, Image Carousel and HTML widgets. Twitter and image slideshows are pretty straightforward, but the HTML widget is full of possibilities.

In order to give you some inspiration for how to make the most of this powerful new tool, we’ve compiled some examples of how you might use dynamic HTML content with interactive print. 

Flip through the photos below to see some of most promising use cases for the HTML widget.

Of course these aren’t the only examples of how HTML can be used in the Creator - the possibilities are nearly endless. Including:

  • Get info with forms - Let readers subscribe to your magazine right from its pages, or let them send feedback about specific content, like mailing the author of an article, with a simple contact form.
  • Cultivate event info - Instead of just telling attendees at your event what’s happening and when, provide live information, like live Tweets or breaking news stories at a big conference!

There are lots of other great examples for how to use HTML, but we want to see you come up with them and place them on your print. It’s really easy to do - just build it in HTML, host the file somewhere, add the link in the Layar Creator and define the frame size.

Check out the end of this video to see how to use the HTML widget in the Creator. 

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