Canadian Publisher Launches Huge Interactive Print Rollout

Chris Cameron February 7, 2013

More big news from the Great White North! Glacier Media, Western Canada’s largest local media company, is launching a massive interactive print rollout with its newspapers in British Columbia. In total, 12 newspapers will incorporate Layar’s technology, with more papers lined up to join soon.

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Editorial and advertising content in each of Glacier’s twelve local newspaper properties and one real estate publication in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia – a circulation of over 500,000 – will feature Layar’s innovative and enriching interactive print technology. Readers will be treated to a more engaging print experience, as extra digital content is displayed when they scan the pages with the Layar App.

“This will allow print to come to life,” said Alvin Brouwer, president of Lower Mainland Publishing, a division of Glacier Media. “It adds many different dimensions to a print advertising campaign or to the stories and photos that appear in our papers.”

Glacier Media joins a growing group of printers and publishers choosing Layar as its augmented reality and interactive print platform of choice. Fry Communications, one the largest printers in the United States, similarly chose Layar to provide interactive print solutions to its customers just last month.

We’ve already seen proven success in Canada. A recent interactive print advertising campaign for Nissan across a dozen Canadian newspapers produced a 65% increase in test drives for the automaker while helping its creative agencies earn the coveted “Best in Show” prize at the Media Innovation Awards.

“This is a game changer,” said Shelly Wilson, Vice President of Digital Sales at Glacier Media. “The Layar technology provides us the opportunity to increase newsprint’s utility to our readers and advertisers enabling immediate action.”

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  1. Layar is on a role... Congratulations guys & girls!

  2. I am building the idea for a augmented reality artshow!. Can I get acess to some white papers or even you tech team to see how to build this with LAYAR?:!

  3. Sanjay SHARMA

    Glad to part of this!

  4. Appalbarry

    Just installed it to my Nexus S via the North Shore News. WHOA!? Is it supposed to be this slow? And I hate to think how much data it's downloading at Telus' data rates.

  5. Georgia Diaconescu

    Hi Brad,
    I would recommend you to check these few whitepapers:

    Layar Whitepaper:

    Best Practices

    and for even more details, the Layar Creation Support

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