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Reader’s Digest Canada Goes Interactive

Chris Cameron February 15, 2013

Another of the world’s oldest and most respected print brands has used Layar to enhance its pages with interactive print. 

Reader’s Digest, which has been publishing its general intrest magazine every month for the last 90 years, now is providing readers with a more engaging digital experience for its loyal readers in Canada.

And from the very start, Reader’s Digest grabs your attention with an awesome call to action on the cover, which reads “it’s alive! view the cover with Layar!” This issue of the magazine is about the “Rise of the Robots” and the cover comes alive with an animated robot. 

Check out the video below to see it in action!

And have a look at some of the great example pages below by scanning them with Layar!

Readers can watch videos and even add cool products to their shopping cart!


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