QR Codes in Layar? Yes!

Chris Cameron March 5, 2013

We’ve just released an update to Layar that includes some new functionality that may surprise you. With the new Layar App v7.2 for iOS and Android, you can now also scan and view content from QR codes – but not in the way you might think. It’s way better than that.

When we launched the Layar Creator and interactive print, some said we were sticking the knife in QR codes, or even providing the final nail in the QR code’s coffin.

We’re not killing the QR code. We’re making the QR code better than ever by pairing it with interactive print and bringing the two technologies together in a single app, providing a better user experience. No more switching from one app to another; now the Layar App does it all.

With QR codes, Layar first analyzes the content and determines what it is. Then, instead of suddenly whisking users away or abruptly performing an action on their device, Layar displays the content in AR just as it does with interactive print. It’s QR with an AR twist.

You’re then just one tap from viewing a web link, watching video, listening to audio, sending an email or SMS, adding an event to your calendar and more. It’s a truly engaging mix of technology, bringing the power and engagement of augmented reality to QR codes.


A growing number of people scan items with the Layar App every day, and we noticed that a large portion are attempting to scan QR codes. Now, users won’t need a second app to view both interactive print and QR code content – Layar does it all, turning any normal QR code into interactive print.

Be sure to download Layar 7.2 for iOS and Android today.

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  1. Luis Alcazar

    Great News! This is a perfect complement for the Layar Visor. Also, I suggest that your "screenshot" button must be by default over Layar Visor because the user wants to take a picture of the image created with AR.

  2. OK you guys are out doing yourself! This is amazing news, I am so excited to test this out in my new interactive parent magazine with the Livingston Parent Journal. It will make it more of a natural experience for end users which are familiar with QR codes! Thank Layer


    nao entendi porque nao estar em portuques

  4. Fede

    En los QR de VCard o tarjeta personal no salen todos los caracteres que hay en el QR, solo salen las primeras lineas de texto.

  5. Vamdama

    I upgraded to v7.2.Escaneo Layar QR codes with an Ipad 2 and opened the button with the link to the website, but when I click on them does not link anywhere, is inactive. I tried more QR codes that link to websites and similarly. Why is this?
    Thank you.

  6. isael solis

    Interesante opcion es lo q le hacia falta a layar.. para ser mas completa, Pongan un manual de como crear RA con esta nueva opcion de QR codes

  7. Tamiko Thiel

    Great, this has been needed for a long time - but unfortunately on my Google Nexus 4 (with Layar just updated to 7.2) when I get the "Welcome to Layar" screen with the "Launch Layar" button, it does not launch the layer - it falls back to the scan screen. Please fix!

  8. I have several units to test out this theory one being an updated Android Samsung III and the other an ipad (not yet updated to the new Layer 7.2)

    First I used my updated android with the NEW Layer software. I uploaded the QR code to the creator (the QR code linked to my website) and wanted to test the theory using a layered video over top my QR code (so essentially using it as a marker)

    It skipped the video layer and ONLY projected the NEW LAYER AR link page.

    (I thought hummm, NO DEFAULT?)

    So I tired my ipad (NOT UPDATED with the new 7.2) and it played the layered video which was developed in the creator.

    So allowed it to be used as a marker.

    SO I guess my questions are:

    1. Is there still ways a way to use QR codes as markers?

    2. Is there a default that overrides the new Layer AR popups from appearing if it is layered with something other than a QR code URL?

    3. Can you overlay video, images etc. On a QR code and have it play directly (like in the video) as it shows?

    4. Is there a special way to play videos easier with this new QR code option?

    5. Am I'm missing something?

  9. Vandame

    Hay alguien de Layar ahí que aclare porque no funciona el codigo QR como marcador?

    Is anyone there to clarify Layar works because as a marker QR code?

  10. Xuan

    Hi Heather and Vandame,

    The support for QR code in Layar v7.2 means that we now can also get the information that is linked to via normal QR code. It does not mean that you can use QR code as a marker in the Creator and add digital content (buttons) to the QR code itself. It is recommended not to augment QR code in Layar.

    For instance, the examples in the video above, we just add links to website, audio, video, l3d model file in a QR code generator to get the QR codes. You can directly use Layar v7.2 to scan these QR codes to see the results in AR. You do not need to upload the QR codes in the Layar Creator.

    Hope this is clear to you now. If you need more assistance, please visit our support page,


  11. Henry

    Hi Xuan, Any intel on what file format used to create that 3d model?

  12. Hi Henry,

    Yes, sure. Basically you need to have a model in .obj file format and then convert it to .l3d format using Layar's 3D model converter. Detailed instructions can be found at

    In the Layar Creation Support environment, I have create an FAQ about supporting QR code in Layar.

    It is best to raise your questions in our support environment.

    Best Regards,

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  14. Wayne

    If I add a QR code to my LAYAR enhanced document will I get the data analytics that the rest of my document gets?

  15. Aress

    In the case of 3d models, this feature means I can use qr code to link directly to my 3d object in the net? For instance some l3d file which uploaded in ftp server?

  16. This is really good Idea. It would work really well with our qr code cases.

  17. Sanchit

    Can I use multiple QR code markers at once? So that it can show multiple content(not related to each other) at the same time.

  18. Manoj Kumar

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