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HTML Week with LAYARED Magazine!

Chris Cameron March 11, 2013

Catch up with HTML Week!

This week is a special one here at Layar – it’s HTML Week! Over the next few days you’ll be introduced to the world of possibilities created by our recently released HTML widget for the Layar Creator.

The HTML widget lets you embed a frame of HTML on top of print content which anyone can then view by scanning the page with Layar. It opens up nearly endless possibilities for interactive print, and we’re going to show you just what you can do and even how to do it.

Each day for the rest of the week, we’ll be posting some great examples of how the HTML widget can help bring print to life in a whole new way. We’ll even share the plugins and tools we used to make it possible.

To kick things off, we’re introducing an entirely revamped LAYARED Magazine, which has been loaded with great HTML widget examples. It’s the same print magazine as before (with some updated stats) so if you have your own copy, just scan it again today to see all the new content. Don’t have your own copy? You can order one, download a PDF or view it online here!

Here’s a look at some of the examples from the new LAYARED that we’ll be going into more detail on this week.

  • Full Mobile E-Commerce Experience
    Now you can provide a complete mobile shopping experience directly from the pages of a magazine! You can switch through various product options, add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Fun Puzzles & Games
    Adding a bit of entertainment to your print is easier than ever, and it’s way better than a simple crossword or sudoku. We show a few quick examples of interactive games that can be easily built in the Creator.
  • Interactive Lonely Planet Map
    This clickable interactive map shows you hotel and flight information for some of Lonely Planet’s hottest locations around the world. It’s an excellent example of how you can provide more info to readers in an engaging way.
  • Layar Creator Step-by-Step Guide
    Our infographic spread showing the steps to using the Creator to launch a campaign comes alive with interactivity, taking you on a guided, click-by-click tour through each step.

Order your copy of LAYARED Magazine here, and stay tuned here on the blog this week to learn all about the power of HTML in interactive print!


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