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VIVA and CBS Outdoor Raise Cancer Awareness with Interactive Print

Chris Cameron March 26, 2013

Not long ago, popular men’s magazine Playboy provided readers with extra photos, videos and behind the scenes content with interactive print from Layar. Now the ladies are getting in on the fun with a campaign for VIVA’s “Naked” issue, featuring seven men baring all in the name of cancer awareness.

You might remember the Dutch women’s magazine from October, when it celebrated its 40th anniversary with an interactive print issue, including a cover which came to life! Now for VIVA’s “Naked” issue, the second of its kind, they’re again using an interactive print campaign – this time to raise funds and awareness for colon and prostate cancer.

“I am convinced of the fact that augmented reality is important for our fans,” said Tamira van Roeyen, marketing manager at VIVA.

Together with CBS Outdoor and Layar partner Limebizz, VIVA is advertising the new “Naked” issue with interactive billboards at transit stops around Holland. The ads feature a barely covered naked man – certain to draw attention to passers by. 

“I am convinced of the fact that augmented reality is important for our fans.”

Anyone can scan the ads with Layar to view more, including links to donate to Blue Ribbon, a foundation for men’s health awareness, especially colon and prostate cancer.

“We wanted to measure the possibilities from offline to online,” said Van Roeyen. “In our campaign, people will be triggered by wanting to know who this beautiful man is. If you scan, you will be able to donate money for Blue Ribbon.”

The VIVA “Naked” campaign is a great example of the power of interactive print and the impact it can have on a fundraising effort. Interactive print engages people and drives them to interact, which works very well for encouraging donations for good causes like the Blue Ribbon foundation.


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