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Van Santvoort Real Estate Kiosk by Limebizz

Chris Cameron April 11, 2013

The real estate industry has a long history with Layar. In 2009 when Layar began with geo-located layers, Funda, the Dutch real estate search engine, was one of the first and most popular layers on our platform. Today, individual agencies like 4one4 in Australia are using interactive print to provide relevant information about properties to their customers.

Interactive print goes far beyond the pages of magazines, pamphlets or business cards, and Van Santvoort, a real estate agency here in the Netherlands, is showing just what that can mean. At the recent Regionale Nieuwbouwbeurs real estate exhibition, the Van Santvoort stand featured walls full of digital interactivity built by Layar partner Limebizz.

Visitors to the Van Santvoort booth could scan the images and descriptions of real estate properties to view extra photos. Users could swipe through photos in and around the properties as well as view floorplans. Videos offered booth visitors with tours of properties, and a 360º interactive “walkthrough” really made them feel like they were there!

This project is a clear leg-up for Van Santvoort over the competition. Instead of a single picture and description, Van Santvoort could provide multiple pictures, videos and even 360º experiences at an in-person exhibition, instead of online where these experiences traditionally live. Bringing the digital to the real life really made the difference for Van Santvoort.


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Elanders Partners with Layar for Interactive Print

Chris Cameron April 10, 2013

We’ve previously mentioned our partnerships with big printers and publishers like Fry Communications in the U.S. and Glacier Media in Canada, and today we’re announcing yet another.

Elanders UK, part of an international printing firm with production across nine countries on four continents, has partnered with Layar to provide interactive print to its customers, which include Jaguar Land Rover, Tesco and Bosch.

With this partnership, Elanders joins a rapidly expanding group of publishers, printers and brands making Layar their go-to choice for interactive print.

“Creativity, innovation and a passion for strong results are essential qualities for any of our partners and Layar was no exception,” said Elanders Managing Director Kevin Rogers. “From the offset, it was clear that Elanders and Layar shared the same vision for creating communications not only with ‘wow’, but with the results to match.”

With over 100 years of printing experience, Elanders serves customers in over 30 countries with both print and digital solutions. Now with Layar, they can bring all of their services together in one nice package.

“Creativity, innovation and a passion for strong results are essential qualities for any of our partners and Layar was no exception.”

“Our customers value our input in ensuring every piece of communication we produce, whether print or digital, is the most efficient and effective it can be,” said Rogers. “We believe this works best when messages resonate with the end user through engaging content across both on and off-line platforms; the trick is to create a seamless communications journey across all channels.”

Elanders plans to help clients make their communications more engaging and effective, providing real results and return on investment. As Rogers says, the choice to go with Layar was an easy one.

“With interest in interactive print and augmented reality increasing amongst our clients, partnering with a specialist who has the expertise and experience to deliver in this field was a natural next step,” he said.


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Outdoor Interactive Ads Boost Web Traffic by 500%

Chris Cameron April 4, 2013

Previously we’ve mentioned CBS Outdoor’s campaigns with both VIVA women’s magazine and the Assassin’s Creed III video game to enhance transit stops in the Netherlands with interactive print. But CBS didn’t stop there, and judging by the results they saw from another campaign, it’s not surprising they keep coming back.

Last year CBS also used Layar’s interactive print on billboards to promote a new book from popular author David Baldacci. By scanning the ads with Layar, anyone could access and read the first chapter of the book, download the ebook or purchase it online.

According to CBS’s Interactive Europe report, the interactive “Out-of-Home” ads increased web traffic to Baldacci’s website by 500% during the course of the campaign. Later, after the campaign had ended, web traffic remained 250% above average.

“This proves that Out-of-Home delivered against its traditional strengths of building brand awareness and driving a response,” the CBS report says.

According to research performed around the ads, those who scanned with Layar were consistently more likely to report a positive response across several areas, including being more likely to mention the ad to others.

“Interaction also improved opinions, which is a good result for a category that is conservative and notoriously difficult to encourage people to try new authors or genres,” the report adds.

This is yet another example of how interactive print is booming and producing real results for brands and marketers. It’s just one of many campaigns CBS Outdoor is running on Layar, and shows why the well-known advertiser keeps coming back again and again to interactive print.

To learn more, including the interactive print lessons CBS learned from this campaign, download their Interactive Europe report.


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Follow #Layar30M As We Countdown to 30 Million Downloads!

Chris Cameron April 3, 2013

As we’ve shown here on the Layar blog, interactive print is really starting to take off across the world. And with it, downloads of the Layar App are soaring to new heights.

We are very close to hitting the 30 million downloads mark, so we decided we’d take this opportunity to share the numbers behind the growth of interactive print in a countdown to 30 million. You can follow the fun on Twitter by following @layar and watching for the #Layar30M hashtag.

30 million is a nice, big number, there is so much more behind it than just downloads of the Layar App. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling the story of 30 million with interesting facts, numbers and more – some serious, some for fun, but all true!

You can follow our progress on Twitter, or right here on the Layar homepage. We’ll have a count of downloads updated daily on our homepage and over at You can watch as we approach 30 Million downloads and read all of our interesting bits of information about the story behind it all.

When all is said and done, we’ll be publishing a report of all the interesting interactive print data and Layar facts that comprise #Layar30M. For now, if you want more info, or want to share your genius ideas for the future of interactive print? Send us a tweet with the #Layar30M hashtag and let us know!


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Layar 7.2.2 - Interactive Print in Your Language

Chris Cameron April 2, 2013

It’s no secret that interactive print is exploding across the globe.

From real estate agencies in Australia, to big brands and publishers in Canada and the United States, to the biggest publications in France and the Netherlands, and even a boom in downloads of the Layar App in Saudi Arabia – Layar is a truly worldwide company. We’ve even taken it upon ourselves to make sure content is distributed across dozens of servers worldwide for greater speed.

As the international market for interactive print emerges, it’s time for us to take the next step in providing the best possible user experience to as many people as possible. Available today for iOS and Android, version 7.2.2 of the Layar App  includes support for the following languages:

Combined with English, these languages make up a large portion of Layar users around the globe, but this just the beginning. To provide the best experience to more users, we will add more languages based on usage and demand over time.

The inclusion of native language support within the Layar App makes it easier for publishers to create seamless and engaging experiences for their readers. Publishers could already tailor their interactive print content into the language of their choice, and now the Layar App itself follows suit to provide an immersive experience in a user’s native language. It’s simply a better all-around experience for users.

Want your language supported in the Layar App? Let us know in the comments section which one we should do next!


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