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Layar is now in Chinese!

Chris Cameron June 3, 2013

In April, with the release of Layar 7.2.2, we included language support for Dutch, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Today, with the release of 7.2.3, we’ve added another language to Layar - and it’s a big one!

Chinese has come to the Layar App! Check out some of the screenshots below.

Now users in China will be able to read the Layar App’s menus and help-text in Simplified Chinese characters, making for a better user experience.

This makes it easier for publishers in China to create a seamless and engaging experience for their customers. Publishers could already tailor their interactive print content into the language of their choice, and now the Layar App itself can do the same.

Layar 7.2.3 is available now in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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