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The Next Phase: Layar Joins Blippar

Quintin Schevernels June 18, 2014

The following is written by Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels.

It has been two years (almost 750 days) since I joined Layar as CEO. From the start it has been my objective to guide Layar through the next phase of its life cycle from a “sexy” startup with a huge dream and best-in-class technology to a company with a strong base of users, customers, products, business models and revenue.

It has been intense, exciting, satisfying, challenging but most of all, fun – a true startup experience.

While the market for Augmented Reality (AR) has just started to emerge, we have been able to grow in just two years to almost 100,000 publishers, brands and marketers using the Layar Creator to create Interactive Print. Next to that, we have almost 40 million downloads of the Layar App. Our platform and products are viewed by many in and outside of the industry as best-in-class.

The timing is right for the next phase. As of today (yes, I can now confirm it!), Layar is joining forces with Blippar. You can read more about it here.

Over the past years I have been very impressed by the developments at Blippar. They’ve expanded their offices to all major markets, partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world and delivered great service to create engaging AR campaigns.

I have had a number of conversations with Blippar’s CEO Ambarish Mitra recently about the future of AR and the strategy of our companies. Based on these conversations we both saw the same huge potential which I believe this acquisition will accelerate, through a powerful blend of talent, services, brands, customers, technology, products and insights.

By all definitions, together Blippar and Layar become the undisputed market leader in Augmented Reality.

I am proud of this deal, and with this step I have completed my mission at Layar. By joining forces, the conditions are right for future success. Blippar and Layar will move into the next phase of their lifecycle together.

This is good timing for me to step down as Layar’s CEO. It has been an honor and an exciting adventure. I feel very confident to leave the company in the hands of Blippar’s management team. Combined with the ambitious and talented people at Layar, this will become a success story for Augmented Reality.


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