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Create Personalized AR Greeting Cards with the Layar-Powered Popcards App

Chris Cameron June 23, 2015

The trend of Augmented Reality greeting cards is continuing to gain speed as print and mail services company Hammer Direct – based in Minneapolis, Minnesota – has released Popcards, a greeting card creation app powered by Layar.

Popcards allows users to quickly and easily create a greeting card that literally pops with a video message. Users can personalize their Popcards with pre-designed templates to quickly make a great looking card.

Users can share their printed Popcards with family and friends and watch them enjoy an Augmented Reality video message by scanning the card with a smartphone or tablet. The Popcards app is free, and the printed cards cost just $1.69 each.

“Popcards are the newest innovation in greeting cards since the digital photo,” says Popcards inventor Kurt Johnson. “Our product hinges on the exciting capabilities of Augmented Reality. Layar’s expertise helped us marry technology with a simple user interface that makes it easy for our customers to create, personalize, share and enjoy Popcards.”

The Popcards app, available in the U.S. on iOS and Android. This whitelabel app is powered by Layar’s Augmented Reality and image recognition technology using our Custom App Solutions.

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