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Magnetic & Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Brings City’s Landmarks to Cannes Real Estate Expo

Chris Cameron June 23, 2015

Earlier this year, we featured Layar Partner Network member Magnetic London in our Partner Spotlight, showcasing some of the amazing campaigns the agency had launched in 2014. So far, 2015 is turning out to be a big year for them as well.

In February, Magnetic London was appointed as the official designers for Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s “Istanbul Pavilion” at MIPIM (The International Market for Real Estate Professionals) by THEPARTNERS, the executive producer of the campaign. MIPIM is the world’s most prestigious real estate exposition, held in Cannes, France. To help advance the event’s theme of “Digital Revolution,” the agency heavily incorporated Augmented Reality with Layar into the pavilion experience.

From outdoor billboards to magazine adverts, all of the printed material for the event and some of the walls of the pavilion were augmented with extra digital content. Event-goers could scan the items to see introductory videos or infographics, get direct links to the campaign’s dedicated website, follow them on social media and view interactive photo slideshows.

Of interest was the “Carry Istanbul in Your Pocket” project, which allowed visitors to be immersed in 3D panoramic photographs to discover the sights and sounds of some of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks. The experience was unlocked from a series of four pocket size cards, of which over 20,000 were passed out at the event. Everything was done in-house by Magnetic, from photo shoots to design and setting up the AR side of the project.

“At MIPIM we had the chance to blend our core strength (good design) with Augmented Reality to introduce Istanbul to a global audience with pocket-size cards that people can carry wherever they go – a very simple yet very much advanced tool,” said Kaan Aydogmus, Creative Director at Magnetic. “The audience was amazed how easy it was to use Layar, and what could be achieved with Augmented Reality. It’s been 3 months since the event, but we still witness that people scan these cards from all around the world.”

Additionally, Magnetic embedded 3D models onto large-scale floor posters to let visitors see renderings of finished construction projects still in the planning and construction phase pop up from the floor just by scanning with their mobile phones or tablets. All together it makes for an impressive presentation of the city of Istanbul’s future – and Layar’s Augmented Reality technology helped bring it all to life.

To learn more about the project, check out Magnetic London’s full case study (PDF) on the project.

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