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Making the Switch from Metaio? We’ve Got You Covered

Chris Cameron July 6, 2015

Just over a month ago, the news broke that Metaio, a fellow Augmented Reality provider, had stopped selling its services and had been acquired by Apple. Since then we’ve received a lot of messages from Metaio users inquiring about what Layar has to offer. With that in mind, we’ve created a helpful guide for anyone looking to transition from Metaio.

Here at Layar, we have plenty of 1-to-1 products that one can easily transition to from Metaio. The web-based self-service AR creation tool, the Layar Creator, is a perfect fit for those familiar with the Metaio Creator. Of course, the Layar App is our “Junaio,” allowing users to scan and view content. And finally, users of the Metaio SDK have a home at Layar too, with the Layar SDK.

But there’s also a lot we offer at Layar that one may not be familiar with at Metaio. We offer full, custom app solutions to help create the best experience possible for you and your users. Every step of the way, we’re here to help. Concept consulting, bespoke design, full service development, testing, deployment, and analytics and evaluation.

Additionally, the Layar platform features many advanced features to take advantage of. With HTML Widgets, you can drop a frame of HTML code into the Layar Creator, allowing for dynamic, interactive functionality, such as opinion polls that display live results to the user. Our 3D functionality lets you import 3D models to create a highly immersive scene, and transparent Alpha Channel Video lets you add videos with PNG-like transparency.

For more information about transitioning to Layar, check out this handy PDF we made which includes a list of a frequently asked questions that we have received. Still more questions? Feel free to contact us about transitioning here.

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