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U.K. Department Store Chain House of Fraser Gives Customers Unique Shopping Experience with Layar SDK

Chris Cameron September 29, 2015

House of Fraser, one the U.K.’s largest premium department store chains, is now offering its customers a unique mobile shopping experience with Augmented Reality (AR) technology from Layar.

By integrating the powerful Layar SDK into its existing mobile app, House of Fraser now allows customers to “Scan to Explore” and shop for products directly from its catalogue through AR. Customers can quickly shop and access immersive content, like videos, music 3D product previews, recipes and lookbooks.

The Layar SDK allows for a seamless integration of AR technology into existing mobile applications. House of Fraser also used the app commerce platform Poq to quickly and easily create a customized mobile AR experience for their customers.

“This initiative is another example of how House of Fraser is using apps to create multichannel experiences that transcend the mobile web,” said Andy Harding, Chief Customer Officer at House of Fraser. “Thanks to our partnership with Poq, we were able to integrate Layar AR SDK into our apps quickly and seamlessly.”

“We are excited to see House of Fraser spearhead the transformation of U.K. retail by taking advantage of innovative technologies that the app commerce ecosystem has to offer,” said Øyvind Henriksen, Co-founder and CEO of Poq. “The architecture of our SaaS platform allows us to integrate cutting-edge mobile technologies like the Layar SDK quickly, without compromising the performance of the apps.”

It’s great to see such a premium department store chain embracing cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology to reach shoppers in new and exciting ways. If you’re in the U.K. you can download the new House of Fraser app or use the Layar App to give it a try on some of these example pages.

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