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A selection of 8 Layar Dreams…

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald August 3, 2009

It is a little over a week that I started as project manager at Layar. One of the first things I did is check out the dream catcher input. Lots of people sketched out their ideas for cool layar content and this is a selection of the ones that really inspired me.

Do you also have an idea for cool layar content? Start making your own with the dream catcher right now. It’s easy!

Enjoy, Marjolein ten Berge

Daft Media Limited; property search layer for sale, rental, shared and commercial property; Republic of Ireland

EyeTour; creation of several layers, including: video tours, photographic material from database, historical accounts, contact information, hours of operation, pricing options, reservations; San Juan, Puerto Rico

European AED finder; Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Greenbookings; a layer with 60k hotels; location, price, room availability, description; worldwide

Purdue University; Campus tours information and the Purdue Arboretum tour data; West Lafayette, Indiana US

Timberline Natural Resource Group; “citynotice-layer” allows a user to comment on and ask questions of the city as to infrastructural or political issues; BC
timberlinenaturalresourcegroup_canada_city-notes; Social network people identifier; worldwide

Zehnder Communications; “Music Festival-layer” allows attendees to locate and find stages, food options/menus, craft vendors/items for sale, etc… ; New Orleans, LA - USA


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Jij bent uitgenodigd voor het Layar NEXT Event in Amsterdam

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald July 31, 2009

What is NEXT voor Layar? Die vraag zullen we beantwoorden tijdens het NEXT Event op 17 en 18 augustus.

*** UPDATE: Bruce Sterling to speak at Layar NEXT event

layar_next_eventDe afgelopen anderhalve maand was een ongelofelijk avontuur. De wereldwijde pers aandacht was enorm en onze video is ruim 330.000 keer bekeken. We hebben zoveel verzoeken gekregen van mensen om deel te nemen aan het Layar platform, dat we besloten hebben om onze API open te stellen voor ontwikkelaars. Wij zijn nu klaar voor de NEXT step. Jullie ook?

Het is een internationaal evenement:
- Voor wie gelooft dat de toekomst van mobiel ligt in het combineren van de digitale wereld en de werkelijkheid.
- Voor wie gelooft in de mogelijkheden van Augmented Reality.
Samen delen we onze ideeën over what is NEXT voor Layar. Het evenement is een ontmoetingsplaats voor ontwikkelaars, merken, bureaus, consultants, content services en pers van over de hele wereld. Jullie zijn allemaal uitgenodigd.

Het evenement bestaat uit twee delen:

Het NEXT EVENT, op maandagmiddag
Het hoofdprogramma van het Layar NEXT Event vindt plaats op maandagmiddag 17 augustus van 15:00 tot 17:00. Steekwoorden zijn nieuwe features, nieuwe content layers, ontwikkelpartners, plannen voor de internationale uitrol en meer. Inclusief een keynote (meer details volgen) en afsluitend een borrel. Iedereen is welkom, dus wees er snel bij om een plek te bemachtigen! Het evenement zal plaatsvinden in de Rode Hoed in het centrum van Amsterdam (vlakbij parkeergarage “de Kolk”). Schrijf je gratis in op de Layar NEXT Event Meetup en vul de RSVP in.

De NEXT WORKSHOPS, op dinsdagochtend
Op dinsdag 18 augustus van 9.00 tot 13.00, houden we workshops voor degenen die geïnteresseerd zijn in het werken met de API of er reeds mee werken. Onderwerpen als “best practices voor het bouwen van layers”, “aanvragen en verbeteren van features” en “hoe verdien je geld met het ontwikkelen van layers” passeren de revue.

De workshops hebben een open opzet. Er is alle ruimte voor het delen van je visie, toekomstplannen en nieuwe ideeën. Verrijk jezelf met de laatste tips & trucs en laat je inspireren! De locatie van de workshops is Rietlandpark 301 te Amsterdam, vlakbij het Centraal Station, en heeft goede parkeergelegenheid. Schrijf je in voor de Layar NEXT Workshop Meetup en vul de RSVP in. Er is plaats voor 50 deelnemers dus zorg dat je er op tijd bij bent. Dank aan JWT voor het beschikbaar stellen van deze locatie.

We verheugen ons er op om jullie te ontmoeten.

Raimo, Maarten and Claire

Foto van Mobile Monday Amsterdam / Thomas van Ardenne


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You are invited to the Layar NEXT Event in Amsterdam

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald July 29, 2009

What is NEXT for Layar? That’s the question we will answer at the NEXT Event on August 17 and 18th.

*** UPDATE: Bruce Sterling to speak at Layar NEXT event

layar_next_eventIt’s been an amazing ride the last month and a half. The global press coverage was incredible and the number of views of our video went through the roof with 330.000 and counting. We’ve also received lots of requests from people asking how they could participate and add on the Layar platform which led us to open up the API. We are ready now for the NEXT step. Are you?

It’s an international event:
- For those who believe the future of mobile lies in the combination of the digital world and reality.
- For those who believe in the potential of Augmented Reality.
- For those who want to do something in this space.
It’s an event to share what is NEXT for Layar and connect with developers, brands, agencies, consultants, content services and press from all over the world. You are all invited.

The event has two parts:

The NEXT EVENT, on Monday afternoon
On Monday afternoon August 17th we’ll have the main Layar NEXT event from 15:00 till 17:00. We’ll talk new features, new content layers, developer partners, the international roll out plan and more. Including a keynote (more details soon) and closing with a “borrel” (Dutch for mixer). This is open to all, be quick to ensure your seat! The event will take place at the Rode Hoed in downtown Amsterdam (near the parking garage “de Kolk”). Register for free at the Layar NEXT event Meetup and fill in your RSVP.

The NEXT WORKSHOPS, on Tuesday morning
On Tuesday August 18th, between 9.00 and 13.00 we will have workshops aimed at those who are interested in working with the API or those who are working with it already. Covering topics such as “best practices for building layers”, “feature requests and improvements” and “how to make money with developing layers”.

The workshops have an open format. Vision and plans will be shared, thoughts and ideas will be discussed. Fill your toolbox and get inspired! The workshop location is close to Central Station at Rietlandpark 301 in Amsterdam and has easy parking possibilities. Register at the Layar NEXT Workshop Meetup and fill in your RSVP. We only have room for 50 participants so make sure you don’t miss out. Thanks for JWT International for supporting us with the venue.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Raimo, Maarten and Claire

Photo by Mobile Monday Amsterdam / Thomas van Ardenne


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Layar in the New York Times

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald July 13, 2009

This Sunday we saw the web version of the New York Times article on AR which mentions Layar. Today we saw the scan of the paper version and we were very happy that we almost got a half a page with just the screen shot.

Layar in NYT by Leslie Berlin


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Press release: Layar Opens Up Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform

Redactie July 8, 2009

AMSTERDAM, JULY 8TH 2009. Layar, the mobile augmented reality browser, which was launched the 17th of June, will open up its platform for developers. This month Layar will provide 50 developer keys to interested companies across the globe. With a key it will be possible to create and publish digital layers within the Layar mobile application. Any database with location coordinates can be transformed into an augmented reality layer.

First 50 keys
Starting today companies and organizations can apply for a developer key via and fill in the request form. Layar will provide tools such as API documentation, publication process and a test environment for new layers. To begin with 50 keys will be handed out, with more keys being released in the future.

Development opportunities with Layar
The Layar API gives developers the opportunity to completely customize the look and feel of their own augmented reality layer, which may include: branding possibilities such as color scheme and custom icons for the layer, exposing the database with Points of Interest (POIs), custom indicators for various types of POI and assigning custom actions to each POI (go to mobile URL, call number, make route, etc).

Raimo van der Klein: “Already days after the launch we saw that we needed to open up Layar for developers. We believe this is the only way to bring all the creativity and ideas which are out there to the Layar platform. We can’t wait to see what people will do with Layar.”

Claire Boonstra: “This is a unique opportunity for brands to be present and accessible in a contextually relevant manner: in the reality of the people they want to reach. The only things needed are a good idea, a database with location coordinates and a developer key.”

Layar Developer Day
On August 17th, Layar will organize a Developer Day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During this event the development opportunities of the platform and the global release schedule will be shared and more information about the product roadmap will be revealed.
Register for Developer Day updates via

About Layar:
Layar is a mobile augmented reality browser, developed by the Amsterdam-based company SPRXmobile. It displays real time digital information on top of reality in the camera screen of your the mobile phone. Layar was first released on June 17th 2009 in the Netherlands for Android phones. A version for the iPhone 3GS will be released end of summer; any other mobile phone with a GPS and compass will be considered.

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