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Blog: Meet Layar

Layar Co-founder Claire in San Francisco this week

Claire Boonstra October 26, 2010

I have just arrived in lovely SFO!

In the months towards building up a permanent Layar presence in the Bay Area, you will see one of us Layar founders and Management Team around more frequently.

If you would like to meet me this week, here is where you can find me:

Tuesday and Wednesday: Paypal X Innovate event
I will be giving a short presentation during the keynote on Tuesday morning starting at 10am, introduced by Osama Bedier.

In the afternoon at 3pm, I will be joining a panel hosted by Tim Chang on emerging mobile business models.
If you’re at the event and you’d like to talk to me on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, please come and find me or ping me: or @claireboo on twitter.

More info: Paypal X Innovate event, Moscone Event Center, San Francisco

Big Big Bang
, a Layar Partner Network member in the Bay Area, created a few layers especially for this event

Thursday afternoon: Layar workshop
We are hosting a small and intimate workshop for Layar developers, to go in-depth on the commercial and conceptual aspects of the platform. We can host a maximum of 30 people at The Hub. There are only a few more seats left. More info and rsvp here. Time: 2pm-6pm, The Hub, San Francisco

Thursday morning & Friday morning: time for meetings
My agenda is already quite packed but I still have some room for a quick meetup. Please ping me if you want to meet: or @claireboo on twitter.
You can also contact Meghan Hughes, who runs our PR in SFO: “Meghan Hughes

I will fly back home on Friday afternoon. But will be back soon!


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Layar’s Presentation at the WPP Stream event

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald October 4, 2010

I just got back from Stream, an unconference event hosted by Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP Group, and Yossi Vardi. It was a very inspiring event, great atmosphere and with marvelous people, all very eager to learn about Augmented Reality. I went to introduce the attending brand and agency people to Augmented Reality, Layar’s platform and the partner network. Also I wanted to hear what they need in order to use more Augmented Reality in their respective businesses.

Presentation with more use cases
Below is the presentation I used in the workshop about Augmented Reality. It was a good session. We discussed lots of new campaign and service ideas. Main feedback was the need for more use cases and examples. People at the agencies and brands want to have repeatable examples about what can be done with Layar’s Augmented Reality. In the presentation below there is a good set already. Feel free to download and use yourself. More can be found in the Layer of the week category of the blog.

Layar in the Gadgethon final
The Gadgethon is where participants share their favorite gadget on stage, real or fake… Its in the evening and lots of fun. Over 20 gadgets where presented, a small selection: the the Galaxy Tab, light emitting earplugs, 3d video camera’s (fake?) and many more cool gadgets.

I didn’t show the regular Layar but the demo of the Shooter we made to showcase sensor fusion. It got a bit ‘warm’ onstage when it took a minute to get the game going. That’s the challenge of live demo’s using 3G or wifi. The minute made it only better because it built up the tension. People liked it. The Layar R&D Shooter lost to the Funk Machine… rightly so (who doesn’t want a tuba synthesizer with flashing lights…).




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Meet Layar at Google Zeitgeist, Appnation, Where Summit and World Economic Forum

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald September 10, 2010

Meet up with the Layar co-founders in California or China next week, Sunday September 12th till Friday September 17th.

Raimo van de Klein will be at Google Zeitgeist on Sunday and Monday. Meet him there to see a kick-&^% demo. Tuesday Raimo will be in San Fransisco to lead a panel on Augmented Reality at Appnation. Wednesday he will be at the Where Location Business Summit in San Jose. Let him know if you want to meet up.

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald will be at the World Economic Forum “Summer Davos” event in Tianjin, China. Layar’s main Chinese developer, Anjuke, made a demo layer for him to use and you to see. Search for Anjuke in your Layar browser. Maarten will participate in several sessions, amongst others: Looking into the Future of Mixed Reality and Live from China, about online video. Let him know if you want to meet up.


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Layar Team BBQ was fun!

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald August 23, 2010

No we didn’t augment the hamburgers, or the sausages. Or even the beer. We did have a great time with the BBQ to kick start all who were back after the summer vacation. Kids, pets and significant others were there too. Check them out in this photo set.


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Layar in the US – Stop 2: San Francisco

Claire Boonstra August 20, 2010

A representation of the Layar team (Claire, Matt, Maurice) plus Marc from Hoppala were in the US last week. After having spent some fantastic days in New York (check here for the blogpost), we had a very nice (yet short) stay in San Francisco. Our minds are still boggling - what a fantastic city, crowd and attitude!

Layar Partner NetworkLike the NYC version, the SFO visit was aimed at getting new dedicated Layar developers in, to bridge the gap between the huge demand from the US (in Layar users and in Big Brands wanting a layer on Layar) and the limited amount of dedicated Layar developers in the US compared to Europe. We are often being approached by Big Brands (Fortune 500 companies, major advertisers and publishers) who would like to have a layer but we now have to recommend good European developers to them - as there are too little good US developers to choose from in our Layar Partner Network (LPN).

Layar event at Adaptive Path
Highlight of our SFO visit was the Layar event, which took place at the premises of Adaptive Path. Thanks so much Kate and team for being a fantastic host!
We felt sparked by a very energetic crowd, which was highly motivated and knowledgeable. The audience consisted of many developers, agencies, some publishers, advertisers, investors, fans and friends. The ladies from Metaio were also there - I managed to get them promote Layar :-) It was fun meeting you, Noora and Liza!

We’ll be able to sign up multiple new members of the LPN of which 2 game companies and an agency specialized in AR development, who previously did mainly marker-based AR  but who will now also focus on layar. The new members will be announced in the list once all formalities are done.

In separate meetings we signed up a global Ad agency. We expected 2 people at meeting but as much as 30 people from the company had shown up, all extremely interested and full of amazing AR ideas which they will implement and execute for their fortune 500 advertisers in the coming period.

We love San Francisco
For some of us, it was our first visit to SFO. We were struck by the amazing atmosphere - everybody is willing to help, from people introducing us to their large community, wanting us to speak at their events or meetups, connecting us to important decision makers, wanting to guide us around etc. A very energetic yet laid back environment!

We didn’t have much time for sightseeing now but did a quick Tour of South Bay. We made a quick visit to the Golden Gate bridge - it was covered in clouds, but we could totally see how beautiful it must be when the sun is shining. Probably the worst part was that I didn’t have the chance to eat at (or better said: experience) In ‘n Out. ;-)

All in all many reasons to come back soon. Our first step towards building up a Layar presence in the US couldn’t have been better. Look forward to coming back!



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