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Blog: Meet Layar

See & meet Layar at the Augmented Reality Event this week

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald May 30, 2010

June second and third the first major US AR event is on in Santa Clara: ARE. Almost all AR companies will be there. Layar co-founders Claire Boonstra and Maarten Lens-FitzGerald will be attending and speaking.

Mail or twitter Claire and Maarten if you want to meet up: maarten at, claire at, @dutchcowboy, @claireboo. Recognize them by their Layar bags.

Three chances to see Layar being presented on stage

  • Watch Claire speak on Wednesday morning, the second of June, in the Augmented Reality Browser track

  • Maarten will be speaking at 12 in the AR business models & opportunities track

  • At 7:30 PM Claire will pitch at the Auggies, an Idols style competition and show

Wanna go? Get a $195 registration price ($200 off the $395 normal price) by using Discount Code: E195 during registration. This fee includes both conference days, lunch, reception and more.


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June 19th: Layar Developer Day

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald May 28, 2010

Ever mixed AR coding and soccer? On Saturday June 19th you’ll get your chance. The day after the Layar NEXT event on June 18th, we will host a Layar Developer Day.

In the morning, we will discuss and explain new Layar features in detail. Developers will be given the opportunity to share lessons learned, tips and tricks and give feedback and ideas to the Layar team and other participants.

In the afternoon, the Dutch National football team will play a World Cup match against Japan. We will arrange a big screen so that you can either watch the match or do more socializing, coding, exchanging ideas etc.

You must be a Layar Developer (in possession of a developer key) to attend this event. Of course, new and inexperienced developers are more than welcome to join. Register via Meet-up.


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Layar NEXT Event on June 18th: the State of the Medium

maurice groenhart May 25, 2010

UPDATE: Watch the livestream. We will start broadcasting at 4 pm CEST

On the 18th of June Layar will be one year old! To celebrate we would like to invite you to join us in Amsterdam. You have not only made Layar better, you’ve helped us build and shape it from day one.

Location: Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102, Amsterdam. Parking nearby: “De Kolk”, 2 minute walk
Date and Time: June 18th, Doors open 15:00, Event start 16:00 till 1930. Drinks afterwards.

Register at Meetup to ensure your seat.
Layer Developers and Publishers will be given priority at registration.

This Layar NEXT event will be a multi celebration-event as we mark the emergence of Augmented Reality as a medium, the first anniversary of Layar and the latest Layar release. Layar invites layer developers, publishers and partners as well as gaming, internet and forward thinking leaders plus press to come and share this celebration. To connect with one another as we are all are building the new medium of Augmented Reality.

Last year: At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry
Last years keynote was by science fiction author and design critic Bruce Sterling, “At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry”. He talks about its history, the cool side, the dark side and gives the industry some pointers to be successful. Watch it again, its worth it:


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Meet Layar at the Mobile World Congress

maurice groenhart February 2, 2010

This year we will attend the 2010 Mobile World Congress which will be held 15-18 February, in Barcelona Spain.

At this congress you can meet-up with our founders and head of customer development on a daily basis between 12 and 1 at la Font Magica where we will organize a small picnic.

Don’t forget to bring your own lunch since we are still a small start-up ; )

This is how we look like or just open the special MWC layer when you are there.

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald (Co-founder)

Raimo van der Klein (Co-founder)

Claire Boonstra (Co-founder)

Matt Miesnieks (Head of Customer Development)


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First Layar Webinar now online

maurice groenhart January 12, 2010

Last Wednesday we broadcasted our first webinar from Layar HQ in Amsterdam. Almost 150 attended this webinar and we received some very good feedback on our topics.

During the webinar we experienced some issues, which leads to some poor audio connections for the most of our attendees. We would like to apologize for this. For our next webinar we will use a phone, instead of a wifi-connection, to dial in. Hope this will solve the problem. We will also try to capture the next webinar, including sound, so we can put it online afterwards.

Did you miss our webinar?

No problem, in this blogpost you can find our presentation. We added some notes and slides in this presentation in order to provide a better picture of our webinar for those who missed it.

We are planning our next webinar in February. We will announce the subject and date in our newsletter and blog.


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