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Layar NEXT Event on June 18th: the State of the Medium

maurice groenhart May 25, 2010

UPDATE: Watch the livestream. We will start broadcasting at 4 pm CEST

On the 18th of June Layar will be one year old! To celebrate we would like to invite you to join us in Amsterdam. You have not only made Layar better, you’ve helped us build and shape it from day one.

Location: Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102, Amsterdam. Parking nearby: “De Kolk”, 2 minute walk
Date and Time: June 18th, Doors open 15:00, Event start 16:00 till 1930. Drinks afterwards.

Register at Meetup to ensure your seat.
Layer Developers and Publishers will be given priority at registration.

This Layar NEXT event will be a multi celebration-event as we mark the emergence of Augmented Reality as a medium, the first anniversary of Layar and the latest Layar release. Layar invites layer developers, publishers and partners as well as gaming, internet and forward thinking leaders plus press to come and share this celebration. To connect with one another as we are all are building the new medium of Augmented Reality.

Last year: At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry
Last years keynote was by science fiction author and design critic Bruce Sterling, “At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry”. He talks about its history, the cool side, the dark side and gives the industry some pointers to be successful. Watch it again, its worth it:


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The First Augmented Reality Flashmob in the world.

maurice groenhart April 23, 2010

Imagine the Dam Square in Amsterdam filled with statues and odd characters and only you can see them trough the camera of Android- and iPhone. Saturday the 24th of April this is going to be the case.  At exactly 14.00 hours the National Monument on the Dam Square will be surrounded with digital 3D statues that can be viewed in Augmented Reality with the Layar app. The rumour is that even the iconic Beatles will be there crossing the street like in the famous picture on the Abbey road.

>> The pictures of Worlds first AR Flashmob

Sander Veenhof
is the creator behind this amazing idea. Veenhof says: “Every square in every major city in the world knows the ‘human statue’ phenomenon. On the Dam Square in Amsterdam Darth Vader, Superman, a Gladiator and some undecipherable sort of gothic characters colour the scene.“ But this Saturday it will be a whole other sight, at exactly 14.00 hours a big group of people will hold their Androids and iPhones in the air, turn on their Layar browser and take screenshots of the amazing 3D characters that we will place in Augmented Reality on the Dam Square. You can actually walk around them to look at them from all angles by just using your phone and the Layar browser. We are really looking forward to see the faces of those who have no clue of what’s going on.

Veenhof Teamed up with TAB Worldmedia, one of the leading creative media companies that specializes in Layar concepts to realize his idea. Augmented Reality experts Johannes la Poutre and Remco Vroom, founders of TAB Worldmedia, immediately offered their expertise and resources to realize this concept. La Poutre “when we heard about this amazing idea we were immediately captured by it. To realize this idea you need a solid and somewhat creative technical infrastructure and that is exactly what we like to build.”

JOIN the flashmob on Saturday the 24th of April at 14.00 hours on the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Prepare your phone, install the Layar Augmented Reality browser and look for the layer using “ARflashmob” under the local tab. Choose your favourite character and share your screenshots with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Hyves, MobyPicture or what ever other kind of social media you have.


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New Splinter Cell game launched using Layar

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald April 1, 2010

HQ sent you to Amsterdam to investigate the murders of several Third Echelon agents. They were your friends… The name of the suspect is Sam Fisher. Its your job to find him.

In town, HQ leads you from point to point while briefing you on missions. Overcome the challenges and solve the puzzles along the way. Follow the clues to Sam’s secret hide out. Be prepared for surprises…

Do you want to play Splinter Cell: Conviction in the streets of Amsterdam? We do.

This is the first time a major game developer like Ubisoft uses Layar to launch a new title. With the Layar platform they have created a unique and engaging AR game. The objective is to introduce and promote the launch of the latest release of Spinter Cell for Xbox. Its a prime example of how the capabilities of the Layar platform and the reach of the Layar Browser can be used to create an engaging and fun experience to promote a multi million dollar game.

The Splinter Cell AR game was developed by marketing agency Blutarsky and Layar developer using Layar’s Augmented Reality platform.

Game play
As an agent of the Third Echelon you are in direct contact with HQ. At specific locations in Amsterdam HQ will provide you with instructions. These are your missions. To complete a mission you need to fulfill a task. When a mission is completed successfully the next location is revealed guiding you through town. This is all designed in style of the console game. The game play is in sync with the console version. Its about being smart, waiting for the right moment and solving the puzzles, all within the Layar Browser.

[caption id=”attachment_8412” align=”alignnone” width=”187” caption=”Mission briefing: Look for clues on the street”][/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_8399” align=”aligncenter” width=”179” caption=”Find the location of the murders”][/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_8400” align=”aligncenter” width=”179” caption=”BOOM!”][/caption]


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Jij bent uitgenodigd voor het Layar NEXT Event in Amsterdam

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald July 31, 2009

What is NEXT voor Layar? Die vraag zullen we beantwoorden tijdens het NEXT Event op 17 en 18 augustus.

*** UPDATE: Bruce Sterling to speak at Layar NEXT event

layar_next_eventDe afgelopen anderhalve maand was een ongelofelijk avontuur. De wereldwijde pers aandacht was enorm en onze video is ruim 330.000 keer bekeken. We hebben zoveel verzoeken gekregen van mensen om deel te nemen aan het Layar platform, dat we besloten hebben om onze API open te stellen voor ontwikkelaars. Wij zijn nu klaar voor de NEXT step. Jullie ook?

Het is een internationaal evenement:
- Voor wie gelooft dat de toekomst van mobiel ligt in het combineren van de digitale wereld en de werkelijkheid.
- Voor wie gelooft in de mogelijkheden van Augmented Reality.
Samen delen we onze ideeën over what is NEXT voor Layar. Het evenement is een ontmoetingsplaats voor ontwikkelaars, merken, bureaus, consultants, content services en pers van over de hele wereld. Jullie zijn allemaal uitgenodigd.

Het evenement bestaat uit twee delen:

Het NEXT EVENT, op maandagmiddag
Het hoofdprogramma van het Layar NEXT Event vindt plaats op maandagmiddag 17 augustus van 15:00 tot 17:00. Steekwoorden zijn nieuwe features, nieuwe content layers, ontwikkelpartners, plannen voor de internationale uitrol en meer. Inclusief een keynote (meer details volgen) en afsluitend een borrel. Iedereen is welkom, dus wees er snel bij om een plek te bemachtigen! Het evenement zal plaatsvinden in de Rode Hoed in het centrum van Amsterdam (vlakbij parkeergarage “de Kolk”). Schrijf je gratis in op de Layar NEXT Event Meetup en vul de RSVP in.

De NEXT WORKSHOPS, op dinsdagochtend
Op dinsdag 18 augustus van 9.00 tot 13.00, houden we workshops voor degenen die geïnteresseerd zijn in het werken met de API of er reeds mee werken. Onderwerpen als “best practices voor het bouwen van layers”, “aanvragen en verbeteren van features” en “hoe verdien je geld met het ontwikkelen van layers” passeren de revue.

De workshops hebben een open opzet. Er is alle ruimte voor het delen van je visie, toekomstplannen en nieuwe ideeën. Verrijk jezelf met de laatste tips & trucs en laat je inspireren! De locatie van de workshops is Rietlandpark 301 te Amsterdam, vlakbij het Centraal Station, en heeft goede parkeergelegenheid. Schrijf je in voor de Layar NEXT Workshop Meetup en vul de RSVP in. Er is plaats voor 50 deelnemers dus zorg dat je er op tijd bij bent. Dank aan JWT voor het beschikbaar stellen van deze locatie.

We verheugen ons er op om jullie te ontmoeten.

Raimo, Maarten and Claire

Foto van Mobile Monday Amsterdam / Thomas van Ardenne


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