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Layar’s slides at Augmented Reality Event 2010

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald June 7, 2010

Last week the first big Augmented Reality event took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the US. We were invited to speak in several slots. It was a great event organized by @comogard, @tishshute and @whurley. It was good to talk to all the others working hard to make the AR Mass medium emerge. Amazing to see what some are doing in the mapping and track field. The keynotes where inspiring. The one by Bruce Sterling is online as well as the one from Will Wright. Will Wright even mentions Layar in his Keynote (at minute 31). Hopefully the keynote by Jesse Schell will be online soon as that one was good and entertaining!

Here are the slides from the Layar ARE2010 main presentation, for the Business Model track, where we shared our vision on AR as a mass medium, our latest statistics, the 5 AR content categories we see emerging form the developer community, what types of product market fit we see developing and of course the latest release of the Layar Browser with Stream for real time location based search.


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See & meet Layar at the Augmented Reality Event this week

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald May 30, 2010

June second and third the first major US AR event is on in Santa Clara: ARE. Almost all AR companies will be there. Layar co-founders Claire Boonstra and Maarten Lens-FitzGerald will be attending and speaking.

Mail or twitter Claire and Maarten if you want to meet up: maarten at, claire at, @dutchcowboy, @claireboo. Recognize them by their Layar bags.

Three chances to see Layar being presented on stage

  • Watch Claire speak on Wednesday morning, the second of June, in the Augmented Reality Browser track

  • Maarten will be speaking at 12 in the AR business models & opportunities track

  • At 7:30 PM Claire will pitch at the Auggies, an Idols style competition and show

Wanna go? Get a $195 registration price ($200 off the $395 normal price) by using Discount Code: E195 during registration. This fee includes both conference days, lunch, reception and more.


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