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Augmented Murals Wow Nike Conference Attendees

Chris Cameron December 16, 2014

Certified Layar partner Lumenal Code has teamed up with design team Acme Scenic to produce interactive AR murals for a Nike sales conference in Las Vegas.

The installation, which took place at the Red Rock Casino and Resort, consisted of 5 murals, each approximately 12′ tall, with LED lighting embedded in channels within the murals. When attendees scanned any of the murals with the Layar App, they came to life with interactive animations educating them on new digital sales tools, as well as behind-the-scenes videos of how the murals were created.

“The purpose of our installation at the conference was to provide a fun, artistic introduction to this new set of digital tools,” says Lumenal Code. “Every night, while attendees slept, we updated the content so the next day they had a completely new experience scanning the murals.”

“The animations contained links within them that brought you to one-pages about the digital sales apps, as well as information about an on-going raffle that had the answers hidden within the murals,” the company adds. “There was also a link a series of behind-the-scenes illustrations and time-lapse video showing the creation process for the murals.”

You can learn more about this installation over at Lumenal Code’s website where they have more photographs of the murals and example of the behind-the-scenes video.


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Layar Partner Benet Helps Taipei Subway Add Interactive Artworks

Chris Cameron December 4, 2014

Layar certified partner Benet from Taipei, Taiwan has collaborated with Taipei’s Deptartment of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) to bring a unique interactive art experience to passengers on the city’s subway system.

To help promote the launch of a brand new line of service, Benet and TPEDOIT have invited several artists to create interactive artworks which are displayed on the walls, windows and floors of a special train on the new line. Lucky passengers that board this train can use the Layar App to scan the artworks to see them come to life with videos, animations and more.

“When I first scanned some of the images it felt like I was on a holiday, almost like going into the water, having it around me. It reminded me of my holiday,” said one passenger after experiencing the interactive art.

The augmented subway cars have earned the attention of the local press. The video below is a news report from a Taipei news station (in Taiwanese of course) that takes a look at some of the art and interviews passengers for their reactions. Have a look at the art-covered trains and to see what happens when riders scan with the Layar App.

To give it a try yourself, click here and scan some the artworks with Layar.


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Multimedia Artist Uses Layar to Bring Paintings to Life

Chris Cameron December 2, 2014

Innovative Spanish multimedia artist Jose Carlos Casado is using Layar’s Augmented Reality and Interactive Print technology to connect his art with the digital world.

Casado’s paintings are currently on display as part of the “Inverted Normals” exhibit, a group exhibition of works that provide access points to different ways of understanding the relationship between digital and physical spaces. The exhibit is located at the Rowan University Art Gallery in Glassboro, New Jersey – a contemporary gallery showcasing all forms of visual expression and new media.

Casado has printed labels with instructions for scanning which have been placed by the title labels for each piece. Scanning the paintings with the Layar App reveals interactive digital 3D elements that Casado says make the painting “more personal.”

“Casado’s work investigates the blurred line between real and unreal, and the role technology plays in influencing the images we see every day,” the gallery says. “He uses 3D technologies to invent a new reality, creating scenarios that could not be possible.”

“I don’t like being limited by the bi-dimensionality of the paper,” says Casado. “I use 3D technologies to add a new dimension to my work. Thanks to Augmented Reality, the viewer can experience time and form on a different level. I believe it adds an important layer of content to my paintings.”

To experience Jose Carlos Casado’s unique 3D AR art, you can either visit the exhibit in New Jersey (open until December 20th), or scan these examples with the Layar App.


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Augmented Artists: Submit Your Artwork for (Un)seen Sculptures

Chris Cameron February 22, 2012

Almost a year ago we told you about (Un)seen Sculptures, and Australian augmented reality art exhibit at the Surry Hills Festival featuring 3D models created by 13 artists from across the globe. The digital exhibit returns again this year, presented by dLux MediaArts as part of Sydney Art Month, and is currently seeking submissions from artists.

If you’re not sure what a mobile 3D augmented reality art show is, (Un)seen Sculptures describes itself as “a sculpture walk composed entirely of virtual 3D works that have been ‘placed’ at specific geographic locations.” Using Layar, visitors to the exhibit can view the sculptures (and any accompanying media) with their smartphone.

To submit your 3D digital artwork, you’d better act fast, the deadline is this Saturday, February 25th. Essentially, anything that works on Layar should be accepted, but make sure to keep models below 5,000 polygons and, in general, keep any files to a low size to avoid slow load times.

Submissions should include the following:

  • Artist name.
  • Title of work.
  • Any additional subtitles to be displayed in Layar.
  • 200 dpi image of the artwork (for printed promotional purposes).
  • An artist statement of short description of the work.
  • Link to the artist’s website.
  • 3D files of the artwork.
  • Any accompanying media files.

Any submissions or questions should be sent to filmcement[at] For full descriptions of requirements and guidelines for submission, see this PDF. We’re looking forward to seeing what makes its way into the show this year!


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Layar Vision Project Celebrates Artist Joseph Wright

Chris Cameron January 13, 2012

Layar Pioneers John Goto and Matthew Leach recently brought to our attention a Layar Vision project which they created to help enhance the artwork of 18th century artist Joseph Wright in his hometown of Derby, UK.

The artist and developer tandem teamed with Derby’s Museum and Art Gallery, as well as the Royal Crown Derby Museum to help celebrate Wright’s work and relationship with the famous Derby porcelain factory. Now anyone who visits the museums and views Wright’s work can simultaneously view related porcelain sculptures placed into the artwork digitally with Layar.

“The beauty of feature tracking is that the overlay can be exactly positioned” says Goto, who along with Leach used Layar Vision’s feature tracking technology to create the artistic montages.

“QR codes have in the past been tried in galleries to link viewers to additional information, but it is a cumbersome, rather un-visual process,” he adds. “Feature tracking is primarily visual, and therefore all the more appropriate for engaging an art gallery audience.”

For examples, you can visit Goto’s website which shows you the various works of art with their accompanying porcelain sculptures. Pull up the images of Wright’s paintings and scan them with Layar to view the montages created by Goto and Leach.


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