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Passing the Torch: A Note from Raimo

Chris Cameron June 20, 2012

The following is a note from Layar co-founder Raimo van der Klein.

Dear friends,

It is Layar’s mission to connect our digital lives with the physical world. In 2011, we identified that, together with the print industry, we can actually bring our digital lives to magazines, posters, newspapers, brochures, catalogues and more. It is in this vein that we have developed new products like the recently launched Layar Creator, Layar Connect API and Stiktu.

Layar is entering the next phase within its life-cycle: our base-camp from which we can build a profitable, sustainable and relevant company. With this change comes some new roles and new faces.

Today, I am stepping down as CEO of Layar.

I’m not leaving Layar, however. I will continue as Creative Director, focusing more on our next generation products and new business opportunities. I will further take-up a seat in Layar’s Supervisory Board. With this move I can keep doing the things that I really love, and that is to innovate and shape new markets and products.

It has been an absolute privilege to lead the most exciting company in the mobile space the last three years. I want to thank everybody at Layar for this amazing opportunity.

With that, I am happy and very excited to introduce Quintin Schevernels as our new CEO. Quintin is a business professional with a wealth of experience in growing companies and building businesses. Read our press release for more information about this change and about Quintin.



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