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Outdoor Interactive Ads Boost Web Traffic by 500%

Chris Cameron April 4, 2013

Previously we’ve mentioned CBS Outdoor’s campaigns with both VIVA women’s magazine and the Assassin’s Creed III video game to enhance transit stops in the Netherlands with interactive print. But CBS didn’t stop there, and judging by the results they saw from another campaign, it’s not surprising they keep coming back.

Last year CBS also used Layar’s interactive print on billboards to promote a new book from popular author David Baldacci. By scanning the ads with Layar, anyone could access and read the first chapter of the book, download the ebook or purchase it online.

According to CBS’s Interactive Europe report, the interactive “Out-of-Home” ads increased web traffic to Baldacci’s website by 500% during the course of the campaign. Later, after the campaign had ended, web traffic remained 250% above average.

“This proves that Out-of-Home delivered against its traditional strengths of building brand awareness and driving a response,” the CBS report says.

According to research performed around the ads, those who scanned with Layar were consistently more likely to report a positive response across several areas, including being more likely to mention the ad to others.

“Interaction also improved opinions, which is a good result for a category that is conservative and notoriously difficult to encourage people to try new authors or genres,” the report adds.

This is yet another example of how interactive print is booming and producing real results for brands and marketers. It’s just one of many campaigns CBS Outdoor is running on Layar, and shows why the well-known advertiser keeps coming back again and again to interactive print.

To learn more, including the interactive print lessons CBS learned from this campaign, download their Interactive Europe report.


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