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Layar awarded Most Disruptive Innovator at Deloitte Fast50

Claire Boonstra October 8, 2010

Mobile companies are the fastest growing technology companies of the Benelux, looking at the winners of the main prizes at Deloitte’s Fast50 awards.

During a gala dinner (yes - all guys in tuxedo and girls in cocktail dresses!) in the Evoluon in Eindhoven, the winners of the Fast50 were announced, as well as the “Rising Star” and the “Most Disruptive Innovator”.

The Fast50 (tech companies ranked based on their turnover growth over the past 5 years) was won by Service2Media, a company specialized in mobile applications and mobile marketing. Number 3 in that list AND winner of the “Sustainable Growth” award was CM Groep - they have been ranked in the Fast50 for 5 consecutive years. CM delivers SMS and mobile payment solutions.

We know both companies very well from our background in Mobile (Monday) and it was cool to see Mobile topping the growth charts.

We won the “Most Disruptive Innovator” award - including a 3 months incubation period in Silicon Valley. An amazingly cool prize, awarded by GIMV, which perfectly fits in our plans to open up an office in the Valley soon!

The award show was the closing of a thorough selection process ending with high quality pitches of 12 “Rising Stars”.

More pictures can be found here.


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