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Layar Enhances 2013 FIPP World Report

Chris Cameron March 19, 2013

FIPP, the world’s most high profile magazine media association with over 700 member companies in 60 countries, has added Layar’s interactive print to its fourth annual Innovations in Magazine Media World Report.

The association represents companies and individuals involved in all parts of the magazine media industry, providing business strategies and emerging trends in an effort to improve industry skills worldwide. Each year it publishes its World Report focusing on the top magazine innovations, and this year, the entire report has been enhanced with the most exciting of these innovations: interactive print from Layar.

In the report, readers can see pages come alive with videos, social media links, interactive image carousels, Twitter feeds and even an embedded survey to vote for the most innovative ad. Check out the video above – featured as an ad on the inside back cover of the report – to see the interactive print elements of this year’s World Report.

“We’re very thrilled to be working with FIPP to bring the added value of interactive print to the 2013 Innovations in Magazine Media World Report,” said Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels. “As new print innovations increasingly gain momentum, interactive print is emerging as the leading way to engage readers and generate revenue opportunities that the print industry has never seen before.”


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