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WWF’s Panda Magazine is Back with Interactive Print

Chris Cameron March 1, 2013

We’ve teamed up again with the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF, or WNF in Holland) to bring interactive print to the readers of Panda Magazine.

It was almost a year ago that the WNF launched a campaign to promote its 50th anniversary using Layar Vision technology on a special postcard that showed a beautiful 3D planet Earth when scanned with Layar. They even got Game of Thrones star Carice van Houten to help promote it!

Now, WNF is back with Layar again, using the Layar Creator to enhance the pages of its own publication with interactive links, videos, slideshows and animation.

“We used Layar for the first time last December and our expectations were quite a bit outdone, so we are using it again in our March and June editions,” said Marloes van Luijk of WNF.

The magazine is produced by Label, publishers of Labelmag which enhanced its own pages with Layar recently as well.

“WNF wanted to increase interaction with its donors,” said Mandy Vinkenvleugel of Label. “When we told WNF about Layar and the possibilities, they were very enthusiastic and wanted to try it because it’s an easier way for readers to get extra information.”

“It gives the content an extra dimension, especially when it concerns videos,” said van Luijk. “I like it that it brings the two separate worlds of online and offline a bit more together.”

Check out the slideshow of photos below!

Here’s more from our interview with Mandy Vinkenvleugel of Label, including how readers can see with more with Panda and her views on the Creator and Layar’s support staff!

“What I like is that we can show more content with Layar,” said Vinkenvleugel. “In the March issue, we published a spread about the retreat of Pasterze glacier in Austria. We show a photo from 1875 and a picture of the glacier in 2004. The difference is shocking, a lot of ice has disappeared. But the retreat of glaciers is a problem worldwide. With Layar, people can see 3 more examples of glaciers that have partially disappeared.”

“Label has been using Layar Creator for about 6 or 7 months now and it keeps getting better,” she adds. “The new HTML elements in particular are very nice. We usually ask our Layar contacts to check a campaign before it goes online to see if they have suggestions on how to implement things better, and they always come back with good advise.”


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Labelmag Shows Power of Customized Interactive Print

Chris Cameron October 1, 2012

Dutch customer media company Label, which makes several journals and magazines, has recently used Layar in its own publication, Labelmag, to illustrate the power of Interactive Print. Label, as self-proclaimed “magazine makers,” focuses on consumer oriented media, and decided to feature Layar in its biannual journal.

Label’s integration of Layar into its publication stands out for its stylishly designed custom buttons and unique features, providing a great experience for readers. In the example below, readers can vote on which cover design they like better. The transparent frames around the images really help them stand out against the page of the magazine.

“Labelmag is a magazine about making magazines for marketers and communication pros,” says Label’s Lonneke Kranendonk. “The goal was to let our readers know that Layar exists, show them some possibilities for how to apply it to magazines and let them know that it’s a tool they can use.”

Readers can see a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot for the magazines unique cover. Spoiler alert if you were hoping they found real-life android with cables spewing from his mouth!

She says the inspiration came from hearing Layar co-founder Claire Boonstra speak at a conference in April about Layar and Interactive Print.

“The production went well. The Layar Creator is easy to use and easy to get into,” says Kranendonk. “The guidelines and tips on how to communicate Layar to readers on the Layar site really helped.”

Label also linked readers to Pinterest pages where they could view and share the original artwork found throughout the magazine. One of their more popular enhancements, however, was an “easter egg” style drawing of the well-known children’s book series character Barbapapa added to one of portraits.

Labelmag serves as a great example of how a custom feel with some unique functions can make the Interactive Print experience even more engaging. Giving readers special access to behind-the-scenes video, original magazine artwork and other content in a way that is both stylish and well implemented makes the overall experience a positive one for readers.


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