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Promoting the Importance of Public Libraries with Augmented Reality

Chris Cameron August 24, 2015

The Reading & Writing Foundation (RWF), an organization based in the Netherlands, has recently used the Layar Creator to make use of Augmented Reality in its communications.

In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of public libraries as modern learning hubs, RWF has launched Public Libraries 2020 (PL2020). The project aims to spark a movement recognizing and supporting the contributions of public libraries, focusing on three areas: social inclusion, digital inclusion and lifelong learning.

This June, the organization launched the (e)publication “Libraries Change Lives”, a collection of interesting data insights and inspiring stories from libraries across Europe. The goal of the digital publication was to bring the importance of the work of libraries closer to both the public and the policy makers, and now RWF has published a print version complete with Augmented Reality features from Layar.

“This publication aims to bring alive the stories of some of the 100 million people who use library services in Europe every year. Adding the AR video functionality allowed us to bring their stories even closer to the readers,” said Ilona Kish, Public Libraries 2020 Programme Director at the Reading & Writing Foundation.

Readers can use the Layar App by scanning the pages of the book to access videos of individuals from all parts of Europe who share their experiences with public libraries. One features a man from Ireland who discovered his local library when he was looking to improve his digital skills. Another tells the story of a blind man from Bulgaria who was able to take technology training courses thanks to his library, greatly impacting his future.


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