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OMG! The zombies are coming

Redactie October 15, 2010

If you are in Manchester the next couple of weeks, you certainly have to take a closer look at The Augmented Reality Monster Hunt. The Monster Hunt combines horrorfying virtual graphics, storytelling, cool prices and AR

“There are a multitude of Monsters hiding around Manchester, invisible for the naked eye, visible in Layar. Every monster offers brave souls the chance to win a monster prize. Monsters will change every week leading up to an annual event at The Printworks on Halloween weekend. Have fun finding and slaying the Monsters. Wrrrroagh!

One of the creatives behind Monsterhunt, Glyn Jackson, wrote an excellent blogpost about using Augmented Reality (and especially Layar) as a campaign tool. Read it on

AR Game: Monsterhunt
End date: 4th November 2010
Location: Manchester, UK
Required: iPhone or Android device
Developer: Gencia


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