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Pop-Out and Lean Back with the New Layar 8.1

Chris Cameron January 16, 2014

From the results of our continuing user research, we’ve found that interactive print is becoming more and more desirable from users, and they’re looking to more easily enjoy content. Users also want to be able to access this content later and to share it with others.

Based on this trend, we’ve already added features to the Layar App to meet this need. The Recent Content section – a kind of “history” section for Layar – allows users to review interactive print items and links they’ve previously interacted with. In the coming months we’ll be expanding this functionality to allow users to save and share full interactive print experiences.

As for the latest version of Layar, we’ve introduced a new feature that aims to improve the overall user experience. It’s called “Pop-out” and it allows users to literally pop the interactive experience out of the print page and onto their device.

Now users can continue to enjoy content however they want, all without keeping their device pointed at the original page. Instead of hunching over with a magazine in one hand and a phone in the other, users can now lean back and engage with interactive print with both hands in full comfort. With Pop-out, users are more likely to both engage with and share their experience with others. You can see how it works in the video above.

Our preliminary results from Layar 8.1 (we has been out on iOS for a few weeks now) show that engagement with interactive print has increased thanks to the Pop-out feature. Roughly half of users that see an interactive augment use the Pop-out feature to continue the experience away from the page, advertisement or other item.

When users tap the new Pop-out button in the lower-left corner, we show the original page and added digital content on their screen. They can move, zoom and tap all they want - all without needing to keep their device pointed at whatever it is they scanned.

“I really like this feature because it makes engaging with interactive print so much easier and convenient,” said Layar Product Manager Maurice Groenhart. “With the new Pop-out feature, I can lean back and enjoy the interactive print experience as comfortably as possible.”

The new Layar 8.1 is available now for iOS and Android.


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