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New: Scan Movie Posters with Layar!

Chris Cameron September 5, 2013

We’re doing some experiments here at Layar.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to be launching a few concepts that we have built ourselves with the Layar Creator. We have some fun ideas for items in the world around us that we think would be made better with AR and interactive print. We’re bringing Layar everywhere!

First up? Movie posters!

You may have noticed the fun movie poster example above from our latest Layar video. They’re an excellent use case for AR. With the Layar Creator, a movie studio or theater can add video trailers, reviews and ticket purchasing options to posters, ads, booklets, postcards and other items.

But now, we’re taking the initiative by augmenting top movie posters. You can scan the posters for the world’s most popular releases and coming attractions to watch the trailer, get more info, see what the critics say and more!

Each week, we’ll update the campaign to include the newest top films. You can give it a try yourself by scanning a poster next time you see one. Or, scan some of the examples below or on our Inspiration page.

Why are we doing this?
We’ve noticed that after downloading the Layar App, people are eager to try it out immediately. If a magazine or newspaper they read isn’t using Layar, the experience can be confusing and frustrating.

We have two main goals with this project, and our first is to make it easy for anyone to experience interactive print right away! Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be launching more campaigns like this one to provide easy and readily available ways to take the Layar App for a test drive.

You can do it too. Join us!
Our second goal for this project is to offer inspiration to others – in this case theaters and movie studios – to start augmenting the world around them with their own custom digital content. We would love to see every movie poster in the world scannable with Layar, and we hope this inspires others to join us!

With the Layar Creator, it’s easy to bring print and other items to life with digital content. Just upload the page or image of the item you want to enhance, drag-and-drop content on top and publish!

And it doesn’t end with movie posters. There are lots of things around us in the world that would benefit from being scannable with Layar, and we’ll be showcasing some of these examples in the coming weeks!

Have a great idea for items that should be enhanced with augmented reality? Have a big database of images you think should be made interactive? Is your businesses looking to add AR to its products?

Don’t hesitate to do it yourself in the Layar Creator, or contact us and we’ll talk about collaborating on a project! We’re eager to talk about how we can help you achieve your goals. Drop us a note to get started!


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