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Easily promote your campaigns!

Chris Cameron October 9, 2013

Today in the Creator, we’ve added a handy new feature that gives you the ability to quickly and easily promote your interactive print campaigns on the web and social media.

If you’re familiar with our Inspiration Page, you’re aware of how nice it is to share campaigns in a way that lets anyone quickly scan and experience the interactive print content. Now, we’re bringing this great feature to you, letting you build your own inspiration page for your campaigns.

As of today on the Campaign Overview screen, you’ll see a “Promote” button next to published campaigns above the “Archive” button. This lets you create a unique landing page for your campaign in which you can include a description and up to 3 preview images from your campaign that visitors can scan with Layar.

Your description can describe the content in the campaign, tell readers where they can find your campaign or anything that you see fit to your promotion page. Then just select up to 3 images to include, and you’re done!

You can share the link to this page however you like, but we make it easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

We hope you enjoy this handy new feature, and can’t wait to see the campaigns you share!


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