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8 Layar 2.0 Videos

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald August 17, 2009

From Magazine to Mazda in 80 Seconds. Powered by the Layar Reality Browser.

Find the closest Mazda dealer by scanning a QR-code in a magazine ad. The link in the QR code starts up the Layar Reality Browser in the Mazda content layer. When you find the one you want, select more information, directions or simply call them with one click. A great example of how the Layar Reality Browser can be used in a relevant manner in traditional media.

Production: & DSRPT.COM, Music:, Agency: JWT International, Client:

Layar Man Episode 1

Layar in Japan, the series…. by, also see Episode 2 coming soon.

Why we love Developing our Brightkite Layar
Video: Brightkite

Brightkite on Layar

Video: Brightkite

Tweetmondo on Layar

Video by Tweetmondo

Developing the Stuttgart layer

Video and layer by

EyeTour Tourist Guide and Layar

Video of the tourist guide layer of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Video by EyeTour.

Real Estate Prices in France

Layer & video by


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