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Layer of the week: Outdoor advertising layer for Walt Disney’s ‘Prince of Persia’

Redactie May 20, 2010

This week, Walt Disney launched the augmented reality outdoor campaign for the new ‘Prince of Persia’ movie. The campaign is built upon Layar, through a special Prince of Persia layer connected to outdoor posters, in which you can play, win and share.

The layer is created by TAB Worldmedia, the first company that combines outdoor advertising with the possibilities of the Layar platform. We talked to TAB Worldmedia’s founder Remco Vroom about the layer and outdoor advertising.

Remco: “The thing is that when you see the filmposter you want to DO something with it. To stimulate that moment of anticipation, we now offer an extra augmented experience.”

As you are near one of the ‘Prince of Persia’ outdoor posters and open the layer, the beautiful movie-character Tamina speaks to you and explains that you should watch the trailer and enter the augmented reality game to answer 3 questions. If you answer all questions correctly, you earn 50 Movie Minutes.
Remco: “Plus we built in an AR cinema finder, which is very neat considering that we integrated a layer in a layer. Also, we created the option to share the layer via Twitter.”

How did the idea to connect outdoor advertising to Layar originate?
Remco: “I have a background of 14 years in Advertising so when I saw the creative possibilities of Layar I was immediately triggered by it. The step to connect the geo locations of 2 dimensional ads to this new 3 dimensional world on your phone was very obvious. (in retrospect)”

We understood that the ‘Prince of Persia’ is the first step in connecting Augmented Reality to outdoor advertising, created in a limited amount of time. It’s a starting point of working towards richer and richer Augmented Reality experiences in outdoor advertising.

What do you expect in the future of Augmented Reality vs outdoor advertising?
Remco: “Great things will happen soon… that’s all I’m saying ;-)”

Next to this exciting statement, TAB Worldmedia has a message to all developers:
Remco: “If you are interested in entering this market please contact us to find out more about the creative and commercial possibilities. We facilitate this service for media networks like JCDecaux, CBS Outdoor, Hillenaar (Clearchannel), Brouwer & Partners, Librium TV and many others.”

Enough said, it’s time to find a ‘Prince of Persia’ poster in your surroundings: open up the layer -by searching for it- and experience the Prince of Persia yourself. If you’re geographically not able to find the posters, you can launch the layer through the QR code.

Note: Due to some technical issues, the newest layers are not yet added to the Catalog yet. We are working on it and will add them when possible.


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