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Layar Partner Benet Helps Taipei Subway Add Interactive Artworks

Chris Cameron December 4, 2014

Layar certified partner Benet from Taipei, Taiwan has collaborated with Taipei’s Deptartment of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) to bring a unique interactive art experience to passengers on the city’s subway system.

To help promote the launch of a brand new line of service, Benet and TPEDOIT have invited several artists to create interactive artworks which are displayed on the walls, windows and floors of a special train on the new line. Lucky passengers that board this train can use the Layar App to scan the artworks to see them come to life with videos, animations and more.

“When I first scanned some of the images it felt like I was on a holiday, almost like going into the water, having it around me. It reminded me of my holiday,” said one passenger after experiencing the interactive art.

The augmented subway cars have earned the attention of the local press. The video below is a news report from a Taipei news station (in Taiwanese of course) that takes a look at some of the art and interviews passengers for their reactions. Have a look at the art-covered trains and to see what happens when riders scan with the Layar App.

To give it a try yourself, click here and scan some the artworks with Layar.


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