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Publishers Weekly Adds Interactive Print

Chris Cameron February 27, 2013

Publishers Weekly (or PW as it is commonly known), a leading American weekly trade magazine aimed at publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents and more, has added interactive print from Layar to its pages.

Published since 1872, the magazine joins a growing list of industry publications – like Publishing Executive, which added Layar to its pages earlier this month – embracing Layar’s interactive print technology.

The trend is clear: the biggest names in the print industry think Layar’s interactive print is here to stay. Just take this headline from Publishers Weekly describing the interactive print content in the magazine: “Welcome to the future.”

“Publishers are looking for new technology like interactive print to connect with readers in different ways,” said PW publisher Cevin Bryerman. “Publishers Weekly is a leading publication for the book industry and discusses new technology trends, so we felt it was important to feature Layar’s interactive print.”

Scanning the cover of the most recent issue of Publishers Weekly, which features a young girl’s body health book, reveals an interview with the author and links to download an excerpt, meet the author and more. Give it a try yourself on the cover and these example pages.

“The Layar staff has ben awesome and responsive to our needs as clients,” added Bryerman when asked about PW’s experience with Layar and the Layar Creator. “We are looking forward to using Layar in editorial and advertising in the future.”


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