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Developer Fredrik Davidsson shares his code for PHP driven Layers

Jaqueline Heijn October 27, 2009

Fredrik Davidsson, developer of the WAYD layer, has shared his code with the developer community! This code enables you to create a content Layer with PHP. Now PHP developers don’t have to reinvent this wheel.

wayd_oslo_lunchmedkollegorThe code can be found on his website and will be added to the Layar wiki later this week.

Thanks Fredrik! We hope you will inspire other developers to do the same.

We asked Fredrik some questions about himself, WAYD and his layer:

What is your age and profession?
I am 36 years old and I work as a systems consultant at Teknograd.

What is WAYD?
The WAYD goal is to communicate more and better! To understand what WAYD is I will give you some background on how it came to life. Teknograd is a small company with only 15 employees. We have a nice office in Oslo and one in Trelleborg. But most of the time we are on the road helping our customers. So it is not too often we meet up for a coffee and some small talk.

Communicating, interacting and building a team spirit can be hard when we are on the road most of the time. With Web 2.0 we of course have all the tools at hand to solve this. Or? The problem with most of these platforms is that it brings the communication away from the internal discussions and talks. Out of this “problem” sprang the idea to build a group platform for small to medium size groups.

Why did you decide to make the WAYD layer?
The layer interface enables people using WAYD to see what friends and colleagues have seen in the past at the current or close by locations. It lets people co-experience events in a whole new way.

What are your plans with WAYD and the WAYD layer?
WAYD is a free platform and most of the code is open source. Our goal is to get more small and medium sized organizations/groups on to the WAYD platform. The feedback we get from the users will help us build a better product which in turn will benefit our goal of better communication. The WAYD layer adds to the user experience and gives a better common understanding between people as they now can co-experience events in the near past.

Why did you decide to share your code?
Sharing is caring ;-). The Layar API is open and well documented and sharing my code will get others up to speed much faster.

At this moment the WAYD layer is available in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


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