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Glacier Media Launches Massive Interactive Print Rollout with Layar

Canadian publisher to include interactive print in 12 newspapers going forward, with more to come

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – February 7th, 2013 – Layar, the world’s leading augmented reality and interactive print provider, today announced a partnership with Glacier Media Group, Western Canada’s largest local media company, to bring interactive print to a dozen local newspapers.

Going forward, editorial and advertising content in each of Glacier’s twelve local newspaper properties and one real estate publication in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia – a circulation of over 500,000 – will feature Layar’s innovative and enriching interactive print technology. Readers will be treated to a more engaging print experience, as extra digital content is displayed when they scan the pages with the Layar App.

“This will allow print to come to life,” said Alvin Brouwer, president of Lower Mainland Publishing, a division of Glacier Media. “It adds many different dimensions to a print advertising campaign or to the stories and photos that appear in our papers.”

Glacier Media joins a growing group of printers and publishers choosing Layar as its augmented reality and interactive print platform of choice. Fry Communications, one the largest printers in the United States, similarly chose Layar to provide interactive print solutions to its customers just last month.

"This partnership marks an important milestone for interactive print in the Canadian market,” said Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels. “With Glacier Media we found a partner that is very dedicated to innovation and serving the needs of its readers and advertisers. We are confident that we will help Glacier Media further empower its print products."

Canadian newspapers are a proven market for Layar and interactive print. A recent interactive print advertising campaign for Nissan across a dozen Canadian newspapers produced a 65% increase in test drives for the automaker while helping its creative agencies earn the coveted “Best in Show” prize at the Media Innovation Awards.

“This is a game changer,” said Shelly Wilson, Vice President of Digital Sales at Glacier Media. “The Layar technology provides us the opportunity to increase newsprint’s utility to our readers and advertisers enabling immediate action.”

About Glacier Media

Glacier Media Inc. is an integrated information Media Company focused on the provision of primary and essential information and related services through print, electronic and online media. Glacier’s core businesses; trade, business and professional information markets as well as community media via newspapers, websites and related publications which are the primary source of information for the communities they serve. Glacier reaches millions of readers from British Columbia through to the western border of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Rhode Island in the United States. The Trade Information Group publishes a variety of trade magazines, directories, newsletters, and specialty websites. This group is well diversified and comprises one of the largest sources of specific trade information in Canada. Publishing sectors include Agriculture, Automotive, Communications, Construction, Dental, Electronics, Energy (Oil & Gas), Environment, Commerce, Government & Education, Insurance, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Medical, Mining, Occupational Health & Safety, Plastics, Retail, Scott’s Directories, Trucking & Transportation and Telecommunications. The Business and Professional Information Group publishes a variety of directories, technical manuals, research and development materials, medical education, electronic databases, investment information and specialty websites. This group includes a unique collection of businesses that provide essential information to the legal, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical and publishing industries.

About Layar

As the world leader in mobile augmented reality and interactive print, Layar is bridging the gap between the print and digital worlds. Layar-enabled interactive print magazines feature extra digital content that readers can engage with using their smartphone or tablet. The free Layar App, downloaded over 28 million times on both iOS and Android, is also available to brands as a white-label or embeddable SDK solution.

The Layar Creator is a simple yet powerful do-it-yourself tool for bringing print to life. Publishers can easily add videos, Facebook “Like” buttons and direct e-commerce shopping links to printed content. And now, with new HTML widget support, the possibilities for interactive print are nearly endless, including live social feeds or news tickers, photo slideshows or even dynamic product pricing.

Layar was founded in June 2009 and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company’s shareholders include Intel Capital, Sunstone Capital and Prime Ventures.

For more information or comments please contact:

Quintin Schevernels
CEO, Layar

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