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Layar’s Industry Leading Augmented Reality App Now Available on Google Glass

AMSTERDAM, NEW YORK, TORONTO – March 19th, 2014 – Layar, the world’s number one provider of Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Print products and services, today announced the availability of its industry leading mobile app on Google Glass. Glass users can go to to download the app and see instructions for how to install it. By just saying “Ok Glass, scan this,” users can easily experience any of the platform’s over 200,000 Interactive Print pages and 6,000 location-based Geo Layers.

With Interactive Print, static print content comes alive with videos, photo slideshows, links to buy and share and immersive 3D experiences. Glass users can now access Layar’s rapidly growing platform of Interactive Print campaigns, including magazines like Men’s Health, Inc. and Glamour, as well as newspapers, advertising, art and more. Geo Layers allow users to see location-based information – including points-of-interest like local real restate listings, geotagged media like nearby photos and tweets, 3D art and more – in an augmented, “heads up” view using the camera on the Glass device.

“For nearly five years, Layar has invited developers, designers and creators to use our platform to explore the new medium of Augmented Reality,” said Layar Co-Founder Maarten Lens-FitzGerald. “With Google Glass, an important new tool has become available and we are very excited to be part of this amazing platform and explore together this new world of augmented reality.”

From a technical standpoint, Layar has modified its popular mobile app to match the unique user interface of Glass, allowing users to interact and browse items using side-scrolling cards. The technology behind the company's image recognition and AR has been optimized for Glass to make for the best performance possible.

"When we first got our hands on Google Glass last summer and installed Layar on it, we quickly realized that in order to provide a truly useful experience on Glass, we needed to radically rethink our UI and optimize our technology for this new platform," says Layar CTO Dirk Groten. "We didn't just port Layar to Glass, but put in a tremendous amount of effort to create a dedicated app that feels like a first-class citizen on Glass. I believe we've created one of the most amazing apps I've seen to date on Glass."

The announcement comes in anticipation of the public release of Google Glass and in the spirit of the Glass Explorer Program. Anyone can use the Layar Creator to easily build and publish their own AR and Interactive Print content, which can now be viewed on Glass. Over 80,000 publishers and marketeers are already using the Layar Creator to wow audiences with engaging interactive experiences. The Layar App, for iOS and Android, has been downloaded over 38 million times.

Visit to download and install Layar, try out demos and see how Layar works on Glass. Visit the Layar Blog for further information. For interviews or comments, please contact


About Layar

As the world leader in mobile augmented reality and interactive print, Layar is bridging the gap between the print and digital worlds. Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us.

Layar-enabled Interactive Print publications feature extra digital content that readers can engage with using their smartphone or tablet. The Layar App for iOS and Android has been downloaded over 38 million times, and over 80,000 publishers are using the self-service Layar Creator platform to create interactive campaigns. With Layar’s custom solutions and services, AR technology is made available to all as an embeddable development kit or a white-label application.

Layar’s mission is to provide the highest quality products, services and expertise for the augmented reality and interactive print industries. Companies like Hearst, Hubert Burda, Sanoma, Gruner + Jahr, Conde Nast, Meredith and TBWA are already taking advantage of Layar’s technology to make their products interactive.

Layar was founded in June 2009, and has offices in Amsterdam, New York and Toronto. The company’s shareholders include Intel Capital, Sunstone Capital and Prime Ventures.

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