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Technology for all

At Layar, we’re big supporters of using technology to forge new frontiers. That's why we offer special pricing to groups and institutions with limited budgets that want to use the Layar Creator for education, charity, art, culture and other non-profit purposes.

Who's eligible?

Discounted Pricing is available to small groups and organizations in the education, charity, art, culture or non-profit sectors. Typical acceptable projects include a school yearbook, university recruitment materials, charity event flyers and museum brochures.

Up to 25 pages


More than 25 pages


More than 250 pages

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Actual USD/GBP pricing may vary based on Euro conversion rate.

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Individual Sponsorship

For individual students, teachers, artists and more, we offer the Layar Sponsored Program which provides up to 10 Pro Pages for use in the Layar Creator at no cost.

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